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  1. I'd say the stereotype holds true; it represents the majority and most-memorables of gamers. Which is how all stereotypes are made - they aren't just invented, it's the collective impression based off real accounts.


    Sure there *are* successful, non-basement, socially acceptable, intelligent and street wise gamers, but I would say they only make up 20% or so, if that. And if you narrow it down to competitive ones that play more often than on the weekends, it's probably more like 3%.


    Just like how there are probably 3% of Asian Women who can drive well  :walshy:  (it doesn't matter if most of them can't)

    I disagree. I've noticed that competitive players are generally less stereotypical nerdy than their casual counterparts because their competitive drive has come from traditional sports IRL.  Although, I do define casual a bit wrong perhaps--I mainly mean gamers who play regularly but not competitively. 

  2. Firstly, I do feel for 343 a bit on this issue. In most of the ideal playlist suggestions I've seen, few have had Infinity's idea, so I can't really blame them for taking the Halo 3 approach--something I have seen people demanding for a while. Of course, it's not actually the H3 approach, as there's no social--a problem imo.


    I certainly agree that having one or limited ranked playlists like you suggest will help the eSports scene grow more, but it is at the cost of the niche of people who enjoy playing non competitive settings, well, competitively. I personally really enjoyed playing Team Slayer in Halo 3--it was my go to playlist. For others, it was Snipers, SWAT, etc. I do think if MLG was the only ranked playlist, I would have indeed played it the most just because it was ranked, and I think you're right with this concept in Halo 5--the population of the HCS playlist will be a lot greater and more people will be exposed to the scene if it was one of 3 ranked compared to every Arena playlist. So yeah, I lean towards support of this system, but I do still feel for those who liked non traditional settings at a high level, because it was fun and competitive in a different way. I will 100% agree that some Arena playlists should be unranked at the very least for more casual variety than simply Warzone. Overall, if I had to choose, I'd support this system with maybe one more to make it 4 ranked--perhaps BTB.  


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  3. I'd also be interested in legalizing Battlefield if it was more accessible. I mean there's no reverse ledge DI but Congo was legal forever and there was none there too. Or Peach's Castle. But I think Peach's Castle is a lot worse than Congo for other reasons. 


    I don't want Isai to go Luigi though. I think Boom would win pretty handily--the only reason he lost to Isai's Mario in 2013 was because Boom started Falcon instead of Pika, and because of non DL stages. Isai is fucking beast at all other stages. I think Isai would handily win with: Pika, Fox, and Kirby. I'd put him as a favorite with Puff, about even with Yoshi, and underdog with everyone else. 

  4. I'm assuming they have some solution to get the timer up in-game. External timer doesn't really work... if the match is about to time out the players need to know exactly how much time is left because that will change their behavior. You would need someone announcing it to them or something, which is distracting, or then a player might not be able to wear earbuds like they usually would during a match. Or you could have situations where a player gets a hit in right as time expires that would've won them the game, but there's no way to know for sure if he got it in time or not. I would be really disappointed if they were just timing the games manually.

    I agree it'd be more ideal in-game, as does everyone, but I asked Sohto (not sure on his involvement if he's TOing or what) and he said it's very likely that it will be externally timed, similarly to chess, details to come in a few days. At Smash Con the matches were technically timed in the rules, externally, but not enforced a lot. Due to the issues you brought up, I'd probably just not time at all to increase the competitiveness so no last minute controversies arise--assuming in-game timing isn't happening. Unless they're keeping the ruleset of Genesis 2, 8 minute games are extremely rare--I don't think I've seen one DL game in tournament ever, so I don't think it's a big deal. 

  5. 64 is gonna be at Genesis 3. Isai & Mariguas confirmed so far. Also 8 minute stock matches, I'm getting they will be using gamesharks or flashed cartridges.

    Why modified carts/gameshark? Can't they just use an external timer...like a phone.

  6. It feels ironic complaining about no social playlists from myself, a competitive player, but I feel at least a couple are needed. I played a ton of Halo 3 with IRL friends who were much lesser in skill. Since I won't want to get an auto loss in any of the ranked playlists, our only option in Halo 5 will be Warzone--which could be fun, just not much variety compared to Halo 3's selection. If 343's solution to my claim of searching ranked as an "auto loss" is the balancing of teams in ranked, even if team members have very different skill levels, it'll most likely lead to rank manipulation (boosting). 



    It's hard to blame some of the parties of legit level 15s that back out though. I mean I commend some of the teams of staying in the game just to try but when they end up losing 50-5 or something, they never want to play against them again. And they shouldn't be forced to play them. If this game had a proper ranking system and actually punished people from backing out of appropriately matched games, this game's experience would've been 100x better. And this is not including all the other bugs/problems with this game. Literally just this aspect would've made this experience so much better. 

    This. I know they were concerned with population but I'd take less ranked playlists personally with traditional ranked matchmade games than a lot in its current state.

  8. Why didn't Jouske compete at Kanto? in his ask FM he said he wouldn't let down international players. Also, Japan needs to severely re evaluate their Bo1 tournament. They practice for thousands of hours over the years and think a 3 minute game is a good representation of it? Lol. But I'm happy Boom and Mariguas did well. Ik historically Boom's Falcon has done better than his Pika vs Moyashi and that his Falcon is his better character but I was kind of surprised he didn't go Pika for the torny for consistency sake. Shitty VOD on YouTube: http://smashboards.com/threads/kanto-tournament-top-8-2015.418613/#post-20192739


    That is one insane comeback--didn't know they played 2 more 12CBs, thnx for posting. Of course the audio desynchs at the best part though, lol. 

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  9. Never watched past the first Ghost, or any of AW but couldn't you say Ghosts was higher than AW due to the hype and success from Blops 2? or did it gain popularity in Ghosts? If not, you could say CoDs in a similair position as Halo. Blops 2 would be like our Halo 3, Ghosts/AW being like our Reach/H4.

    Both are correct statements imo. It had momentum from blops 2, and the viewership grew during Ghosts as a result

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