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  1. Biasing heavilty towards these matches is something we agree with. It makes sense. Hard and fast rules (4s vs 4s ONLY, no exceptions) are problematic. Particularly when you need to take skill, regional location, etc into account.

    So I'm assuming it's problematic due to search times, as a result of these factors? I feel once again this issue correlates to the number of ranked playlists in the game. To increase population and search times, I know I'm not alone in that I'd rather have all of these be hard rules just like Halo 3 and have only a couple ranked playlists than a bunch where the rank in the given playlist becomes seemingly less significant due to imbalanced matches.

  2. I think being successful on YouTube and promoting competitive Halo are hard to balance. I suppose Beyond is doing a good job, but Maniac and Flamesword didn't surpass 70k and 150k subs respectively by posting "H2A Scrims vs Denial Game 1". It's pretty much all Vlogs and real life content. The problem with analysis of gameplay, no matter how good, is that it caters to such a small niche--the die hard competitive players wanting to improve--it's gonna get lower numbers inherently.

  3. Yeah I get that. Removing ranks from a bunch of lists is one way to deal with the issue. The other is letting the players decide which play list to care about when it comes to CSR. Maybe that's Team Arena for one person and Team Slayer (or even Breakout!) for another. Preserve the list you care most about and play socially in the others. Or go full try hard and refuse to play social in any list unless using a secondary account (easy on XB1).

    I feel these solutions are not ideal. No one is going to want to have people playing socially on their team when it is in fact ranked. Yes if you're skilled enough you'll quickly never play with them again, but they're still continually screwing over many people. As far as the smurf account suggestion goes, we should definitely not be encouraging this as it'll just frustrate people once again, not to mention you can't work on other things in-game you want as it's not your main account.

  4. Uh.... What?


    This is an FPS with its roots in arena shooters.


    Want to know what format most Unreal Tournament and Quake tournaments are in?


    I'm not saying MLG should be 1v1, however 1v1 definitely displays who the better player is, as long as the game supports 1v1 properly.


    No Halo game since Halo 1 has supported 1v1 and Halo 5 probably isn't the answer, however if by some chance 1v1 is good in Halo 5 I'd definitely want to see tournaments for it.

    You answered your own debate, basically. Halo 5 is so far removed from Quake that an analogy is pointless--1v1 will almost certainly not be the most competitive format.

  5. Who cares about idiots that don't want to play the game properly? They're the ones depriving themselves of fun and challenge, let them.

    I'm not shutting down your suggestion, I think it could work with non party players (a ban won't be enough as players could just change accounts or even their IP if it's an IP ban). But this is a silly question. Everyone cares about abuse--people like things to be fair. It's not like their off in their own world abusing--it will eventually affect you, resulting in the fun factor going down. See Halo 3 as to how abusers can ruin a game. Hundreds if not a thousand of my H3 games have been lost due to derankers. I fucking hate losing due to dev's system being flawed.

  6. You won't get lucky. The game will factor in the skill level of your teammates, your enemies, and your individual performance.


    If you are performing up to par and are beating Champions then yes, there is the chance you can get placed into Onyx. If your Champion teammates are helping you beat Platinum I doubt the system would place you in Diamond. It should factor in your teammates skill.

    What about boosting tho 

  7. Man all those SWAT kids on Waypoint. I mean I know it's Waypoint but Jesus. Even the mods on there think it's the best fucking thing ever and are just so happy it's a launch playlist.


    I guess when you want to feel like you're good but not actually have any skill you either play Call of Duty or just play SWAT in Halo.

    It's my destiny to make it into the elite Swat Kings :kappa: . 

  8. I know there's no chance of this but this is how I would have done it:



    Team Arena (eventually renamed to Halo Championship series)

    Team Doubles

    Free For All






    Team Slayer

    Team Snipers

    Team Swat



    Warzone Assault--ideally just another gametype in Warzone, though player count probably differs.

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  9. Argue about the competitiveness, sure, but most CoD fans like watching SnD the most. Sometimes watching the "fast paced action" respawn gametypes have turns into mindless linear aggression and gets stale--it's why some spectators liked TS Pit. But that's an extreme example, as it's way slower than SnD. But yeah, I don't support Breakout in its current form but the change in pace isn't the problem, it's the mechanics.

  10. Poor result from the U.S. tonight vs Mexico. I mean we didn't deserve to win at all but it's poor cause the passion wasn't there. Dempsey and Altidore looking lost af, Beasley brought out of retirement only to shit the bed, Yedlin and Wood did their best but it was too late.

  11. The problem is that on that "semi-pro grind" everything will be about who plays more and not who is better. Your rank will drop if you dont play an X amount of matches every day. And you know there are some kids out there that play Halo non stop for hours every day. They will be placed higher than you simply because they play more.


    And since winning counts so much you will need to have a TO4 all the time to have a chance in the semi-pro/pro division. I remember every day in the beta I was set to 1500 at semi-pro. I would have dropped out of semi-pro if possible, simply because I didnt play that much.

    Is this is an issue in LoL? If not what do they do


    Also, I don't think they've confirmed if party restricted match making is a thing or not. I mean in the beta it wasn't but it could change.

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