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  1. The fact that Josh Holmes thinks that we should just "not care about the rank and just play" as a solution shows how clueless he is to this problem. It's not that simple why the hell can't we get at least 1 or 2 social playlists. Why force ranked Arena on everyone? I just don't get it anymore.

    I agree. Something is wrong when the developer is suggesting to play on a smurf account to combat the problem. 


    However, Bravo has said on Reddit they're interested in unranked playlists. I bet they'll be added as it's a very loud request.

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  2. I think what he was hinting at Is regional rivalries like NA vs EU and not actual local teams. If you have a EU top team vs NA top team at an event you can still hold a team allegiance to say EG or CLG but if your from NA then you would mostly likely cheer for any NA team to win. If you watched LOL worlds ppl gave their support to C9 when they represented NA as the last team from that region. I could be wrong but a possible Continental event could be in the works.

    His analogy should have included clubs vs clubs in different countries then. But perhaps. 

  3. I'd rather have slow matchmaking times into decent games than fast matchmaking times into lopsided games.

    Exactly, as most of us competitive players would. The problem is 343 feels the need to appeal to players that are getting ranked and aren't necessarily that competitive, which is a vast majority. And 343 probably thinks they won't stand for slower matchmaking times, therefore 100% party restrictions can't be included. Perhaps another solution is to include it when at a higher division, such as Onyx, or even the one before that. That way it doesn't affect majority of the player base, only the players that most definitely care about fair matches.


    To clarify, I think the ideal solution would to be simply add in 100% party sized matchmaking but if they insist on no I feel my condensed list would help. 

  4. I assume the reason there is not party sized matchmaking 100% of the time, like in Halo 3, is because there is a worry about search times being slower (in fact this is pretty much what Josh said in regards to it). There is a solution, though, and it lies in the number of ranked playlists. Currently, a lot of the community has expressed concern about the lack of social playlists, as they want to play the game casually, but with more variety than simply Warzone. Even as a competitive player, I support this, as most of us do. If there were less ranked playlists, it wouldn't be as big of a deal to have the search times be a bit slower to include 100% party sized matchmaking for there would be other options--social playlists--where it is not present and very fast matches would be guaranteed.


    I propose the playlists being set up like this:




    Warzone Assault


    Arena (Ranked)

    Team Arena


    *Added in* Team Doubles


    Social (Unranked)

    Team Slayer



    *Added in* Infection


    Weekend Social




    Not sure what to do with BTB

  5. I think 343 prioritized quick search times in favor of party restrictions. Hell, no shit that's what they did.


    They don't want more complaints of waiting too long for a match, they want posts like, "Damn, I'm finding games so fast!". They are definitely scared of another huge population drop so this could also be there so the match requirements aren't too strict.

    Yeah it's quite lame. I knew when they announced party restrictions weren't 100% it'd make for a frustrating experience.

    This is also why the number of ranked playlists and no social ones is perhaps a detriment. I would take the trade off of having fewer ranked playlists covering the core competitive modes (4v4, 2v2, FFA) with 100% party restrictions over many ranked playlists with the "prioritizing" we have now, imo. Plus then there would be social playlists and those wouldn't have to have strict party restrictions or any at all perhaps, effectively making everyone happy except for those who wanted to play niche gametypes very competitively.

  6. Remember how I said I was trying to go to a Halo 5 midnight tournament?


    Turns out The gamestop near my house couldn't get Halo 5 early to start the tournament at 9. I asked if any other ones in the area were doing a tournament, they said they were the only ones. They said instead they were doing a Master Chief Collection tournament. Halo 2 classic default Slayer 1v1.


    I don't think a free copy of Halo 5 is worth that increase in blood pressure.


    Also I sent out some friend requests to frequent posters in here, hope to party up with you guys at some point soon.

    Just ask for BR starts or once you start playing better people gentlemen's BR starts. If they don't want them you'll probably beat them 1v1 anyway as they'll be bad. 

  7. I'm nearly positive at least in ranked 4v4 playlists you can't match a To4 without one. It even says in the corner "searching for team of 4 with equal skill". He might be technically right if you count squad battle or some discontinued ranked playlist. 


    But anyway, the lack of 100% definite party sized matchmaking is a bit worrying. I'll see how prominent it becomes before I complain, but this has been a request by the community since its discontinuation and it's not being implemented how we suggested.

  8. Haha thanks, but it deserves an asterisk since he was playing DK for the whole set (I went Falcon). I 2 stocked him game one, lost by one or two stocks game 2 on Hyruke (got tent combo'd a bunch) and lost game 3 last stock last hit. I wish I could replay game 3 because I gave him two gimps by going to the ledge. I adjusted and just started running back to center stage when we he grabbed ledge because I was winning neutral a lot but he just got the grab at the end. Oh well. I have to go watch the vid because I think I remember having a nice shield drop rest at some point.


    I'm glad my set vs. Preston wasn't streamed tho, he 2-0'd me as Mario and I played pretty bad. I have a mental block against him in tourney, we pretty much split games online but he's beaten me in tourney 3 in a row now I think.


    Still a fun event though, I just did commentary after I got knocked out and that was fun.

    Yeah, I didn't get to catch it live actually, just peaked at the bracket. Interesting how you guys still have the other stages legal--I'm straight ass at Hyrule so I would be frustrated if that was their CP. And Mario's my worst matchup. I mean you probably went Jiggs, right? But I would have to go Falcon and Mario just simply doesn't die it seems, is incredibly hard to edge guard.. I mean you know all of this but gahh. I'm probably worse at the matchup than Kirby, tbh, at least there I can 0-death Kirby with a grab.


    Speaking of other stages, I've watched all the vod of Xanadu with the use of the 19xx mod and it's not too bad. The common misconception before was that ledge DI wasn't possible on any of the stages, but it pretty much is everywhere--maybe not Yoshi's no clouds, but regardless I think that stage is a bit of stretch for competitive play, the blastzones are kinda fucked.  

  9. You're forgetting not everyone lives in a region with hundreds of thousands of Halo players online at once.


    If a To4 could only ever match against a To4 Aussies and Kiwis would never get a game or play the same players 10 games in a row.


    Ping and skill is far more important than party size when it comes to match making.



    So just have party size on in areas where applicable.

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