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  1. Does anyone here follow the comp. cod scene? what are the COD pros thinking of this game?

    a decent amount follow it just look at the rosters thread. It was kinda dead in AW cause no one liked that game but in Ghosts it was active. 


    To answer your question though I think they enjoy it, just can't agree on a ruleset. 

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  2. Listen, dont talk down on the Halo kids. they just want the game to be as close to Halo 1 as possible, with no bullshit like weapon timers put into the game. They want it to be as skill based as possible and use weapon timers on iPods like tru competitive gamers. Dont need that fucking handicap built in.

    No sure if you're referring to someone earlier in this thread, but this sarcasm doesn't apply to most as when it was announced, and still, the vast majority of people here are for in-game weapon timers. No skill in knowing the hidden time the sniper will spawn at is 11:56.

  3. Is Spartan Rank the progression ranking system in H5 similar to Halo 4's?


    If so, I feel a progression system featuring no numbers would have been better. Despite Reach's not being skill based, people ate that shit up because the ranks were iconic. The only problem (as far as a progression system goes) was that it was too short, imo.

  4. Playing MCC with my friends today was quite the pain. We were trying to play locally on some fun custom gametypes. The process is just absolutely ridiculous, assuming I didn't miss something obvious. I had to Google 'MCC best custom games' to get to a forum post where people hopefully posted their GT saying they had the alleged game types in their file share, hoping they didn't change their GT/still have it in their file share, and if I got that you can't access their file share without friending them, and even after they're your friend, you can't access it from the friends list like in Halo 3, you have to pull up the in-game leader boards for Campaign and sort by your friends to get to their in-game profile and, proceed to download, only for all of them to be deleted by some strange glitch that only occurs locally. 


    Rant aside, I'm still looking for Halo on Halo (Halo 3) if anyone has it, thanks. 

  5. I tried to donate last night but it wouldn't let me--will try again tonight.


    I also have started hosting Smash weeklies at my University. We had pretty good attendance for our first meeting, 17 people. I must say getting used to console again is a bit harder than I thought. I feel like in Halo when you played on LAN it was automatically better, and I know it is on console but I just wasn't feeling it.

  6. If he doesn't take advantage of that opportunity, his if effing up. With such a huge CoD following, kids want to know what he does to win. He could be teachin kids how to frag like a pro and rake. in. that. cash.

    This. He has 138k subs and his last video was 6 months ago. And only around 20 videos total (to compare, Flamesword has 450 and only 30k more subs). I'd be trying to monetize that shit knowing that getting a couple more hundred K subs would be a given.


    OT: that is a brilliant title by Assault

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  7. Interesting how the vastly inferior Sledge Hammer made vanilla SND first to 6 to match competitive settings yet 3ARC hasn't incorporated it. It's not the biggest issue atm, but it should be changed.


    edit: now that I think about it I don't really care as pubs party size is different--6 v 6


    What should be changed though is Arena map voting

  8. Nothing matters if its not part of Activision's pro league the 3 million is split between their own esports league its not the same as previous COD champs where you earn points with MLG. Each team gets points in the leagues pro/challenge division to earn a spot to compete in the fall for the grand prize. Activision is creating a league similar to what Riot does with LOL. Anyways there is no point to continue until we have actual dates

    His point was that there are still other events that will be held reguarly, negating the time frame previously mentioned

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