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  1. Dang but sounds like a great time. Did you actually go down the water slides and stuff?



    Also I saw this and had to share. Unreal https://www.reddit.com/r/smashbros/comments/4o5h4y/the_five_gods_as_texture_hacks/

    Yeah we did as it came with our room, though not for long cause it was pretty underwhelming (there's like 3 slides lol).


    Streamed sets are now up

    Vs combo



    Easy win



    And i dont even want to rewatch this 1


  2. Smash N Splash was a hella fun event. Was super dope to see some of the top players in person and how large the community is. For 64, I tied for 9th out of around 50 entrants, mind a few DQ's. I played alright, but had one set where I completely fucking blew it. In WR3 I had to play Meerkat, this local Pikachu player who I've beaten in friendlies constantly and is definitely worse than me. But come tournament time, I lost composure Game 3 when up 3 stocks to 1 and lost the set. He popped off and shit it was embarassing. The route to top 8 depended heavily on this set as a win would have been an easy route, and a loss resulted in playing Combo Blaze for a spot in top 8. So I found myself getting eliminated by Combo Blaze 1-2, and he ended up getting 3rd.


    Still had a great time, though. Was fun hanging out with Knitephox, Hipstur and Wizzy in their hotel room playing Mario Party. Knite is a MP GOD it's actually insane. We roomed with Bark Sanchez who's a very cool guy, too. Really wanna go to SSC now.

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  3. Rest Town was a very fun event. I tied for 13th out of 32. Really wanted to get top 8 and I lost 2 sets I shouldn't have, but oh well. It was really cool to hang out with Bark Sanchez, TR3G Hipstur, and the Indy locals. What took us by surprise was the Ohio crew came out and they're pretty good. I made it out of pools as the 2nd seed, dropping a set to Amida who is a campy Kirby. In bracket, I was the 9 seed going against the 8 seed Box from Ohio and lost 0-2 to his Pikachu. I should have won this set, first game was last stock last hit and the 2nd game was uber close too. I was just fucking up my combos--this eas my only set streamed the vod will be up eventually. In losers I then played 16 seed JamJar and lost to his Kirby 0-2. This set made me slightly mad because I wasn't playing well and I'm the better player. So I guess I did not do well in bracket at all but whatever. In doubles, I teamed with an Indy guy last minute who was way below my skill level, and we made it to WR2 against Bark's Pika and JamJar's Kirby. I went Rat and it worked out pretty well, we were winning the whole game, and it came down to just us vs Bark in a 2v1, but we choked and lost LOL.


    It was overall a really fun event, though. The only disapointing thing was that Combo Blaze and Knitephox did not show up--neither did Jim or Sotoh. I'll be able to get another chance next weekend at Smash N Splash 2 in IL to take on Wizzrobe, Sotoh, and Bark and Hipstur again (who I surprisingly did very well against in friendlies).

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  4. Tomorrow myself and the WI crew will be headed on a road trip to Indianapolis for Rest Town 1 to battle it out with the Indy Crew and the likes of Combo Blaze, Bark Sanchez, Sotoh, $$ Jim $$ and more. Should be fun but I get nervous AF in torny.

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  5. If this game was played competitively by the pros, that'd be fucking sick. But just as with MCC and our desire to play Halo 2 and CE, 343 shoved H2A down our throats, and the same will happen with Infinity Ward and Infinite Warfare. 

  6. Held a 31 person SSB64 monthly in Oregon of all places this weekend. 


    Love that the game is growing. 

    My state is also one of the worst for 64 (WI) but there is talk of adding it to a prominent Melee weekly so I'm stoked.

    Additionally I get ~20 people at my university weeklies but most are simply casual players for Sm4sh 

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  7. Opinion: The fact that the CE pistol is generally thought of as being an "OP" weapon is one of the biggest misconceptions in all of gaming. Thoughts?

    Well it's just that - a misconception. Made by less informed players who are generally worse at the game, so when they are getting wrecked from it they claim it's OP. But we have a done a good job thus far getting rid of the misconception, even in a less knowledgeable place like Reddit, I bet if you claimed the H1 Pistol was OP there would be a handful of people correcting the claim.

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  8. T2


    Agreed. Your ruleset is unreasoned if you allow players the chance to follow rules or not. Think critically about your rules and stick to them.

    What T2 perhaps means is that MLG can't give OpTic a victory without at least asking OPTIC if they want to replay. Which is correct, imo. Obviously the players shouldn't decide on their own if they won or not, but they should be given the option to demonstrate good sportsmanship. 

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