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  1. Wow Towey has lost some weight! Looks way different from when I last saw him 'They're all equals and have Battle Riffles' lmfao
  2. Gotcha. Well that is very weird if that was game two in the series
  3. Did they lose the game for ending it or no? We've seen players in the past be on weird settings and change it in-game it's not hard? Or can you not in H4
  4. So that's a free win for Classic? Like different controller settings than sensitivity/vibration/etc?
  5. I want BTH to come rallying back but I don't think they can do it
  6. Was Goofy on infamous in Reach? If so I'd say it's more like his dynasty-- he did the clutch play sniping SK to get the matador bold player.
  7. It's different if an organization breaks copyright laws rather than a random person though..
  8. I haven't heard Enable speak since 2010 and damn has his voice gotten a lot deeper
  9. Can't you just name the NS gametype something non suspicious and put it in your FS?
  10. Cloud was a super good sniper in Halo 3- definitely the best out of all the pros imo. I voted once and that was for Roy and his insanely consistent shot with the BR and DMR.
  11. It's frustrating to have no elaboration as to why 'things aren't what they seem'.
  12. I always watch a couple series of Apex Melee after it happens on YouTube. I'm casual at the game but it's still fun to watch. Was happy for the smash community to get the game at EVO but a little disappointed at the amount of hate it got for being there. Oh well, what can you do.
  13. I'll just go with a 2010 change, even though it's already been said, SK being a manipulative shit and dropping Ola for Totz was quite bad. When they played in Columbus FB only won 3-2 but after that, as many of you know, they won the last 3 including the national championship.
  14. if you want someone who plays regularly add me: LimeSoda V2
  15. Every one looks good to me. Really fresh, clean designs. I would pick the white one with logo if it was actually gray as in the picture rather than 100% white. (I know nothing is finalized yet)
  16. Well Ragnarok is a remake of Valhalla so that's why it looks how it does. I don't think they've ever changed a remake that much (well besides Lockout to Blackout but those changes weren't visually for the most part) and people would probably complain. I think it would look good like that too, though.
  17. I like the very simple Daylight in Halo 3 and of course, Snip3down's. My absolute favorite though would really have to be Walshy's 2nd. Someone has already posted it but the way the chorus of the song jumps out at you in combination with the gameplay is fantastic. Also wanna edit it in Cloud's Halo 3 Montage and Best Man's Halo Reach Minitage
  18. Everything seems too clunky. I also am not pleased with how they took out my (and cursed lemon's too I suppose) emblem RIP
  19. Narrows CTF against Mikwen and lethul. We were winning the entire game but they capped to tie it with literally 10 seconds left :/
  20. Yeah it's really irritating. Needs to be toned down to where you can only here them slightly if your volume is high. Past games were perfect imo
  21. I think you have to update the game, which isn't working for me. It prompts me to update the game by hitting 'X' but when I do I hear a conformation noise and then nothing happens. I saw a guy on my friends list playing it online though so I know it's not dead.
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