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  1. On which game?  My personal favorite on Halo 3 is this Infection gametype where there's dummy spartans in the crater of sandbox.  It's modded so you have no weapon and look exactly like them, so it's a really good hide and seek match.  (one person tries to kill you)


    As far as Halo 4 goes most of the infection gametypes have died because of Flood I think


    Also probably shouldn't be in the Forge forum but idk for sure

  2. I'm confused as to why sprint hasn't been removed AT LEAST from Throwdown yet.  Well, I sorta do know why.  I know all the little back stories involving 343 being 'unable' to and Ghost saying 'it's more than it seems' but damn it we've already had this conversation.  I didn't follow the scene as much in Reach but didn't v7 no sprint play beautifully the last event?


    I know most of you know this already and it's beating a dead horse.  Anyways, I think all of these are viable options, but I don't want to settle for just toning it down a little.

  3. Could anybody help me with this? Am I making a silly mistake?


    I think you have to update the game, which isn't working for me.  It prompts me to update the game by hitting 'X' but when I do I hear a conformation noise and then nothing happens.  I saw a guy on my friends list playing it online though so I know it's not dead.

  4. In terms of the casting, I think there needs to be a distinction between the "play by play" guy and the expert/analyst. For example  when Ghost and Ghandi were commentating, they were constantly talking over each other and it just seemed hectic. I think they should take a page from more traditional sport where the play by play guy will be casting the game as it happens, while the expert chimes in with his analysis of what just happened. For example, a team runs a flag to perfection, the play by play guy will cast the flag run, then once he is done, the analyst will come in and explain how they were able to run it so well, give his expert opinion. 


    Yeah I completely agree. It was a bit hectic at times when they were both almost screaming over each other.  It should be an easy fix because Gandhi was that analyst when he casted with puckett for over a year.  Puckett would do the play by play then Gandhi would come in.

  5. How so?


    Formal, Dersky, Lethul, Ninja, RyaNoob (I realize he had some H3 success), etc. are all among the best players in the game.  Blaze is in that category as well when he takes the game seriously and gets on a team of equal skill.  Royal 2 and Snake Bite were also on their way to becoming absolutely elite Pro players, unfortunately the poorness of H4 at release made them quit...with SB only recently making a comeback.


    These are all "Reach Kids".

    Dersky was on Heaven and Earth and Warriors placed 5th multiple events in a row in H3. 2010 season but still

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