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  1. I know right. The biggest cash crop for them membership wise was probably the Halo 3 era though. People made new accounts like crazy
  2. It depends if the Mod was actually on his way to win the money. Does he have an 8 like the top tier guys do? If not, and it's obvious he wasn't going to get invited, AND they were friends, it's a dick move. In any other circumstances though it's not.
  3. On which game? My personal favorite on Halo 3 is this Infection gametype where there's dummy spartans in the crater of sandbox. It's modded so you have no weapon and look exactly like them, so it's a really good hide and seek match. (one person tries to kill you) As far as Halo 4 goes most of the infection gametypes have died because of Flood I think Also probably shouldn't be in the Forge forum but idk for sure
  4. I'm confused as to why sprint hasn't been removed AT LEAST from Throwdown yet. Well, I sorta do know why. I know all the little back stories involving 343 being 'unable' to and Ghost saying 'it's more than it seems' but damn it we've already had this conversation. I didn't follow the scene as much in Reach but didn't v7 no sprint play beautifully the last event? I know most of you know this already and it's beating a dead horse. Anyways, I think all of these are viable options, but I don't want to settle for just toning it down a little.
  5. Could anybody help me with this? Am I making a silly mistake?
  6. Yeah I completely agree. It was a bit hectic at times when they were both almost screaming over each other. It should be an easy fix because Gandhi was that analyst when he casted with puckett for over a year. Puckett would do the play by play then Gandhi would come in.
  7. MLG's crowd noise was perfection. I have no idea how they pulled it off- probably by doing nothing special, but you only heard the crowd if someone pulled off an incredible snipe or something.
  8. Dersky was on Heaven and Earth and Warriors placed 5th multiple events in a row in H3. 2010 season but still
  9. Can't see Infamous winning now. They're not playing as good as yesterday
  10. It's already been said.. They are rewarded for staying in the Winners Bracket
  11. Looks like Infamous' 2 wins don't carry over? Opposite of what I thought and others said a page or two ago
  12. Really want Naded and Infamous to win. Very surprised they didn't come out hot
  13. Game audio with 4 povs is a bit crazy
  14. I believe it doesn't go back to 0-0 because it would technically be a continuation
  15. Finally Quo showing some life. They can play better than this forsure- look for them to tie up the series
  16. 10 kills maybe? I think it was 41-31
  17. It's always never been about firepower though. There have been a lot of teams in the past who had great slaying power and couldn't get stuff done.
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