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  1. Holy shit, dude... let me feed you, baby bird.


    The mod for 180 second Random Ordnance currently used in Throwdown is fine, because the Random Ordnance is a value we were... wait for it... meant to adjust. No sprint is fine because it's disabling a current feature, much like disabling Oddball throwing would be fine. Adjusting player model size, flinch, spread, bloom, individual weapon's damage... these are all values that do not, in any way, shape or form, exist in custom game settings. We were never meant to change them, therefore they should not be modded. I do not understand how I'm four posts in and this is going over your head.


    Disliking ProMod =/= Liking Vanilla Halo 4

    That's..not the best logic to put it lightly.  Whether the option to adjust it is present or not is irrelevant.  The shit is still broken and we need to fix it.

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  2. I'm not sure, and this has been a problem not only in Halo 4 but Reach.  While it is slightly irrelevant, I just want to bring up how Pros in Reach would search on their main accounts, suicide to get down by a lot of kills, then proceed to win the game.  The trueskill simply didn't work-- They would never be able to do that in Halo 2 or 3.

  3. As people have already said, it was failure at launch.  Ranking up based on individual performance in a team based competitive playlist was simply a stupid idea.  By the time this was changed to wins, it was too late.  The MLG playlist was already out most likely and competitive players went there.


    I also think the whole idea of ranks and seasons resetting turned people off.  We were used to the past 2 Halo games where your overall rank would stay the same.

  4. Pit TS used to be and extremely passive gametype back on Halo 3, when teams were even. I remember hearing about tournament games not going over 30 kills and the entire game being a standoff.

    Pit Flag was always amazing though.

    Just because it was passive doesn't mean it was bad.  I can link you to a super exciting game from FB and TD, DC 2010 that the crowd really got into.


    It is also played skillfully- waiting for power ups, then pushing.  If you were to make an uncoordinated push you'd get punished. 

  5. Ghost and 343 know the issues... repetitively nagging them to remove something isn't going to help.

    We wouldn't have gotten no bloom if no one complained.  At the time people defended 343 as well and said it was impossible. 


    If Ghost can't handle people 'nagging' at him then he shouldn't have taken the position.  He's a big boy, a National champion, and can handle it.

  6. I know some of you want to stray away from the topic but this is the last I'll say about it.  I'm not even a huge Ninja fan but can definitely see why he acted that way.  You guys wouldn't be pissed if your own moderator potentially costed you 200k?  Yeah I know competition is competition, but this mod is a no name.  NONE of his accounts are ever going to qualify, so I can see Ninja's opinion of 'you're not going to win anyways just let me'.

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  7. I hated how Ghost commentated when Ninja got the Railgun "the kid is so good with the weapon he never misses" That's because the gun aims itself for you practically.. No offence and I don't mean to get personal just made me cringe.  Whether the concussion rifle is a suitable skillful replacement, im not sure.

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