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  1. They really have to nail the online experience. Halo 2 and 3 had exciting online experiences and that's why they never/rarely saw 30k people on only. To achieve this a skill based ranking system needs to be implemented. I know 99% of you already know this but 343 doesn't, apparently.
  2. Yes. Ghost and 99% of this community think gameplay like CE would be the best for competitive play. There's really no doubt in my mind.
  3. Ehh a lot of those problems are still evident in Halo 3. The sword still lunges and won't kill the player, beatdowns don't register very frequently, there's bloodshots even on lan, and more often than you'd think (2010 season alone there were tons-- i've watched that probably more than anybody). The teamwork aspect I can agree on though. Anyways, both games are good and it's pretty useless to debate it.
  4. Is this a post on waypoint? If not you should construct one.
  5. Hopefully this series goes to game 11
  6. There's no regular team slayer playlist without ordinance (LS doesn't count you can only spawn with an AR) so the option is there.
  7. Ah in that case there is no brightside.
  8. Look at the brightside.. LDV would have probably lost to BTH in a continuation, and then BTH would proceed to lose in their continuation to Ambush. Unless BTH beat SvR too somewhere
  9. Yeah I know, simply forgot who they were playing. Calling SvR to win the rematch like Classic did
  10. Wow this is huge. It's gonna end up like TD vs whoever except not as extreme lol
  11. Yeah something along those lines. I'm pumped for Josh though-- even if it is 1-50 it's better than what we've seen the last 2 games. I think we're all expecting something even better, however. Or at least 1-50 made harder and corrected.
  12. Puckett was a great commentator. Slightly irrelevant, but as one person said Gandhi and Ghost need to figure out who is the play by play and who's the expert analyst. Gandhi's commentary was really good during MLG.
  13. It'll be a lot bigger if people stop spreading negativity about it saying things like 'the nearest airport is 2 hours away no1s going'
  14. Guardian is terrible for 4v4 Slayer.. I know it got removed from the rotation so people recognized it was bad but still, majority of people online loved it. Midship is wayy better than Heretic.
  15. I feel they don't really care.. it's been a feature in every other game and was never discussed. But since they don't care they probably won't go out of their way to support it
  16. I wasn't being sarcastic, but the guy who I quoted was. Read it in context it's pretty easy to get to be honest-- we're both for descope
  17. Anyone remember how many signatures that MC statue to be built by the white house got?
  18. The voting system in Halo 4 really does make the game stale. I remember a post here where a person said a friend's first few games of Halo 4 were ALL on Haven-- like 7 in a row. While Haven is one of the better maps, it's still not good enough to play over and over (imo).
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