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  1. Other than the big/competitive things? Hmm, probably playing as an Elite. I never did personally but the overall online experience when people hated them was actually pretty funny. If they made their hitboxes the same as Spartans that would also be good.
  2. Never laned before actually :o
  3. Nice, my brother goes to Madison too. I live just barely outside of Milwaukee
  4. Curious as to what part of Wisconsin you live in?
  5. Quinn really said that example involving the Flagnum and Rockets?.. You already said this but I'll simply restate that it's his team's fault for not controlling the power weapons. That's not random.
  6. i am an avid player. been playing rsc and osrs. both are free to play ^_^
  7. If it can't be disabled and the rest of the game is great then maybe. If the rest of the game is average and it can't be disabled then definitely no
  8. I share a birthday with Best Man how fitting
  9. Professional/Competitive Gaming is much better
  10. Why would you tweet him that, Gandhi's thoughts 63 was shit to be perfectly honest.
  11. Whatever it is they absolutely MUST not have a giant loophole that ruins the game for everyone (derankers). I don't get the people who say they're not a big deal because they ruined hundreds of games for me. If there are 'cheaters' like this in the new ranking system, then I hope 343 at least bans majority of them. Bungie sat back on their ass and didn't do squat-- I could have accurately banned 1k+ if I had the power to, but Bungie couldn't even decipher them from normal players.
  12. Yeah I don't speed run but always catch a few runs on YouTube every once in a while. Only big names though like Cosmo primarily
  13. Completely agree. Not to be too serious cause I'm not, but I honestly think the pros coming here and elsewhere trolling isn't even funny. It's not a huge deal and I guess since other people think it's funny they can carry on, but I haven't even cracked one fuckin smirk
  14. 343 is blessed. All everyone wants now, even less competitive people, is for Halo to go back to its roots. No one is saying the gameplay is repetitive or it needs a whole new interesting dynamic-- Literally all 343 has to do is make Halo 5 classic and people will go NUTS. A cut and paste job with a couple of fine finishes really would seal the deal.
  15. I didn't say impossible. I will say that it's unlikely though. Cod already has a bunch of good casters who know the game. Gandhi isn't professional and doesn't bring anything they don't already have. The one thing he has going for him is knowing Goldenboy but honestly Gandhi's casting has taken a turn for the worse. I know people might disagree with me, but half the time he casts it's just mindless yelling along with the other caster. He was a lot better at MLG when they were actually professional and organized.
  16. No offence to Gandhi but he really is kidding himself if he thinks he can cast big CoD events.
  17. The smallest thing I can think of is wanting War Games to be called Matchmaking. Come to think of it, I'd be fine with really anything other than War Games..
  18. Completely agree. While he did say it's the best way to make money, my problem is he acted like the whole community should switch-- majority of the community doesn't compete in events. You're also completely right about it making no statement. 343 could give 2 shits if the competitive Halo scene went to COD. In fact, they'd probably prefer that due to no longer getting bitched at for their dumb mistakes.
  19. I completely agree. I'm proud in a way to express openly how dumb I thought Gandhi's latest thoughts were. I'm also glad people were questioning Ghost on his opinion of H3>H2. Why? It's not because I like seeing these people stressed out or irritated, it's because we can't blindly make choices due to one person's opinon. If everyone really did switch to CoD like Gandhi suggested, there would no longer be competitive Halo, and we sure as hell know that 343 doesn't care if it's gone.
  20. Halo 3 would draw the biggest crowd definitely. Not necessarily the most competitive but the V8 MLG tournaments were really exciting-- you can't deny that.
  21. Changing the settings can only do so much. You really think with the limited custom game options that we've been provided Halo 4 could be all about individual skill? I agree the settings can be better obviously, and that there's a little room for individual play to be more rewarded-- but drastically no way. The game at its core will remain the same. (Not depending on a TU)
  22. Sorta sweet revenge in a way. Not sure if you guys feel the same way How sweet would it be if they picked up Smash Bros again? It'll probably never happen as there's probably better fighters out there, but 130k viewers at EVO caught me off guard
  23. I'll rephrase and say pretty much any competitive ranking system. Hell even Halo 3's 1-50 sounds good now, and that was broken AF as I'm sure you know. He should strive for better, though.
  24. He already did, sorta. Although I am not Ghost Anyways I feel like we're not really discussing anything important just the obvious tbh
  25. I feel like more people should be kindly asking him on Twitter to recreate what he's done in SC2 for H5
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