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  1. I thought you did pretty well this weekend. One criticism from CoD was your loudness, but I thought you were tame and loud when appropriate. One thing you could do for some history/backstory on the players is watch some old VOD, links located at the top of the site. Of course, I'm not sure how needed it'd be if casting with Walshy/Bravo as they're vererans of the scene--overall, I'd like for all of the casters to go over more back story. My minor nitpick would be terminology. "Turtled Up" is definitely a CoD term I heard, though I don't blame its usage as it can describe the situation accurately--just not sure if people understood. I'm glad I didn't hear 2 peice, though. I remember during Ghosts when Maven went back to cast some Halo 4, and despite his OG involvement with Halo, he kept on saying 2 peice over and over, and chat was like, what? Overall, good job.
  2. I'm down. My Raphnet should be coming in the next couple days.
  3. Rooney's been on point, hot dayum
  4. Really hype tournament. Best viewership and tournament matches ever. My only complaint is La Smash shat the bed with their production on Friday and Saturday. I'm only frustrated because at Apex 2015 they also did terrible.
  5. Just don't get how his Pika even got to that point. Boom's about to take 4 straight vs Wangera, same MU
  6. Boom will lose to Wario, Wangera will beat Kero, Isai will beat Wangera, setting up hype Losers Finals Boom vs Isai
  7. I agree it was dope as fuck, was hyped for that almost as much as the wildy's return in 2011.
  8. Ehh there wasn't hella progess--at least gameplay wise, Pre Alpha was pretty broken. I mean like you said the ability to dupe itself is game changing. Banning for AFK is indeed extreme. Community wise 100%, probably one of the biggest P servers ever. But I do agree the claim Vault scammed everybody is a bit extreme--he offered people their money back.
  9. Did anyone here get involved in 2006scape (RSPS) before OSRS? The owner got 30k in donations and then it was "shut down by Jagex".
  10. Even if Hecz gave him his own team, which is pretty unlikely now IMO, the viewership and consistent subs would not be there, and it'd be a huge gamble to even win--the strongest point imo. They're going to be favorites for every CoD tournament most likely. Consistent good cash > a huge risk. There's a reason he stuck with CoD. Yes he wanted to do both, but when Hecz said pick one, he chose the financially stable option.
  11. @@GoldeNade You think he would still be on OpTic by abandoning his CoD team? He's one of their best players, that would not fly probably. The other option would be to get on OpTic Halo, but to win they'd have to get a new roster, and Flamesword and Maniac are at the house. It'd be a huge mess. All of this just to gamble at winning when EG is the favorite is not worth it.
  12. Not sure about nV or when he was on the team but Optic's not salaried. Great points though. Also, Formal's a fool for not making use of his YouTube channel. 140k subs and only 24 videos. His latest was in April and got 160k views and it was just Money 8's.
  13. That's a good point. Honestly he very well could get top 8, a lot are predicting it, I just dont have as much allegiance to him cause when i started following the scene he was inactive, so I like Boom a lot more. 64 salty suite could be good too. I'd like to see: Boom vs Isai, ideally Falcon/Pika. There can't be a more salty matchup than that. BarkSanchez vs Fireblaster: Bark has surprisingly upset Fireblaster many times this year, Fireblaster wants revenge. LD vs Banze: LD earlier in the year won this set with an epic comeback, became known as getting Banze'd. Kero vs Tacos: Battle for #2 in NA--both each got 2nd at the 2 nationals. Kort vs Isai Link dittos for fun. And finally, this definitely won't happen, but Boom vs Isai 12 CB streamed at some point.
  14. Without using the pools/bracket I think 1.) Wario 2.) Boom 3.) Mariguas 4.) Wangera 5.) Tacos 6.) Kero 7.) Dexter 8.) Wizzy Dexter may be a stretch as he is coming out of retirement just for this event iirc, but I figure if the guy can beat Isai's puff and only lose on a counterpick he can do it. Honestly DL only is a huge factor for Isai, he is a master at all other stages, undefeated in torny at Congo/Peach's/Hyrule since 2013. Hbox at 64? Honestly it's not as surprising as everyone thinks that he's going Kirby. Literally every Melee player does due to the limited tech skill needed to win at lower levels. Chu Dat got 25th at Apex 2014 by beating Greginator--upsets can definitely happen. Hopefully he doesn't get advice from his doubles partner M2K on how to play like a bitch. But there's a lot of everdrives at the event so RIP m2k if he were to enter, even. Speaking of M2K, I was reading a fairly old AMA and the homie trys to claim he was maybe the best Halo PC player in 2004 because he found "secret levels". Lolwut?https://m.reddit.com/r/smashbros/comments/1rluq5/ctemp_mew2kings_ama_and_lots_of_other_stuff/
  15. I was a Zerker but I quit. Stats were okay, had 90s in combat and 45 def, did RFD, etc. was going for that maxed Zerk Kids Ranqe build . Always preferred PKing at a lower level though--I was originally a G Mauler but I was wanting to be 13 prayer and accidentally completed the Restless Ghost instead of just getting the Ghost Speak Amulet, so I just went on to turn it into a Zerk. @@Moses_FPS I'd recommend a Range Tank, assuming your Attack/Strength isn't too high yet. There's loads of content making the game more fun, and you're still effective in the wildy. However if you're set on having max gear it might be frustrating as the C'bow after Rune is pretty expensive IIRC. I had this build Pre-Eoc and it was tons of fun, though.
  16. 16 is an easy time to grind. You don't have to do any schoolwork outside of shool if your goal is to only pass/graduate.
  17. As the CoD kids say, 100%. People will see transitioning to Halo is harder than the other way, but still very possible.
  18. Cool find: Someone on Reddit posted a throwback of Formal's screenshot in 08: https://halo.bungie.net/Online/Halo3UserContentDetails.aspx?h3fileid=56035103 If you click view game details, though...
  19. Ehh you sure? I just checked and they're definitely doing worse--not particuarly bad though. I mean the clickbait title of Dropped from OpTic was popular but all gameplay videos are definitely less. Also, his whole channel revolves around baiting titles to get views... Not really a fair comparison when it's working.
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