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  1. Are the kills and deaths/other info on the service record not updating for everyone else as well?
  2. Just got an Xbox One! I was mostly a H3 player tbh but I’m down to play any game. Add me boys GT: LimeSda Still downloading MCC tho
  3. Not sure of specific LANs, but Halo traditionally has been popular in Michigan. All I can think of is this thread: http://teambeyond.net/forum/topic/228-players-in-michigan/page-9?
  4. I want to get an Xbox One again for just MCC. Maybe play one or two other games but that’s it. Should I get the Xbox One S or X?
  5. Sure thing. I’ve taken a break from netplay for the summer but when I get back to college I’ll have good internet and can play (early sept).
  6. Sad I’m not at SSC this year! Hilarious to see Boom bring back the FalcoMaster for Smash Masters...was not expecting that at all. He got Jv 3’d in Smash 4 vs Nairo though lmao. But won in Melee & 64.
  7. So happy I made top 8. Had to make a pretty deep run from D3 as I got upset on Friday by some Ness lol. Also JV 5'd this poor guy
  8. What Riddler said. You won't get chastised at all in my experience--some good players use GCN like Firo. Plus DI is a lot easier (this may be the only thing people complain about). I'd say if you don't like OG it's a good option for sure. Here's a link to the product: http://www.raphnet-tech.com/products/gc_to_n64_adapter_v3_with_builtin_controller_pak/index.php
  9. I finally made it boys (@4:21)
  10. I won't be as they don't have 64, but if you're in the Midwest, I highly recommend Smash N Splash 4. Super fun tournament, especially for newer players as there's a Waterpark, etc.
  11. I'd say The Pit. There's 2 snipers, rockets, and power ups, & that's what I'm all about. Nice symmetry and overall pleasing.
  12. Got 45th at Boss Battle 3. Not my best performance as I did better at SSC with like double the entrants, lol. But honestly 64 exclusives are harder as there's no cross-over scrubs from the other games. Best moment was getting 5th in the YOLO tournament somehow, taking out the boss himself The Z. https://clips.twitch.tv/MiniatureBenevolentToadVoteNay No comment on this clip https://clips.twitch.tv/RoughRamshackleCodVoteYea
  13. Hey guys! I want some people to run matchmaking with on H3, ranked or social, whatever gets us a game. GT: LimeSda
  14. The first thing I said to Preston when I saw him was 'you seen my boy nero lately?'
  15. SSC was pretty dope, I tied for 33rd in 64 singles. Very solid placing for me, personally, but I really should have gotten 49th as Snorlax (top player in Canada) DQ'd out of my division 1 pool. I went Pikachu vs every Kirby for the first time and it worked out pretty well. Beat Bark Sanchez (and Sedda who I lost to last year) in money matches so that was cool. Got to stay in Wizzrobe's room for a night too so had a lot of fun.
  16. Lol yeah Battle Cow is hilarious. Been to his place a few times for Smash and good times ensured. He had a great upset vs Shears to get top 8.
  17. Yes, it is a very good format IMO. You get to play many more matches and play players you would have otherwise never played. It was around 13 sets played total for me but I didn't feel burned out at all. I'm not sure if it would work for Melee however, we only had 63 entrants. I also saw @@Joe Fries there, surprisingly.
  18. Got 9th at Smash N Splash, lost to Boom & Combo Blaze in D1 under the new Waterfall bracket. Roomed with Tacos, very fun weekend.
  19. Went to MN & cleared out their PR only lost to Jim from Iowa who is probs best in the Midwest right now (PD used to be). http://downb.challonge.com/JanMonth64Singles Just against our own PR http://challonge.com/Smash64SinglesToJ10
  20. Boss Battle 2 was a pretty great event. $40 for the venue, 2 nights in a hotel (well, motel 6) and chipotle catered. Boom, Kero, Stranded, Bark, Fireblaster, & many others were there. 90 total. I was seeded #3 in my pool out of 5 (top 2 make it out) and managed to get out by upsetting Supa, an online player who got 33rd at SSC. So then round 1 of bracket I play Hipstur, who i've played many times, lose 0-2 both games last stock. In losers I then beat D35 from Cali 2-0. I then played DOGG, who's a newer player, but is really good as he got 2nd in doubles with his brother Dtan, somehow upsetting Kero & Stranded. Our set went to game 3, his Rat vs my Falcon, & I was up 2 stocks to 1 but I fkn blew it. I would have gotten at least 12th but I lost and tied for 17th. Still, great result for me. We did crew battles too and got absolutely gang-banged (i'll link the VOD eventually). I got to play Boom finally and we played like 7 games. Best I did was getting 3 stocked, got 5 stocked a lot too.
  21. that shit was heart breaking @virulent_venom
  22. Super Smash Con was a pretty great event. Didn't make it out of pools and got like 97th out of 314 so pretty underwhelming, but my pool/bracket was tough and the torny overall was stacked. First round I played some low level Baltimore player and 5 stocked him, yet seeding had me losing (??). Thn I had to play Bonobono Winner's round 2, not that I was ever going to win, but I had never played Yoshi in torny before & he literally parried everything and 3/4 stocked me. Then I drop to loser's to play Minnesota's #5 PR and win easily. Then I play Sedda, who I've played online before, and he's worse on console and I improve, but got 0-2'd in both close games. I just hadn't played a high level fox in a while and he spammed lasers and I didn't camp top plat enough. Had I won, I would have had to play Snorlax to get out of pools, so I was gonna get bodied by his Kirby anyway (he then beat sedda to make it out). Still had a great time, though. Met a lot of people from @@2pro4show's region like Pidge, Preston, Snorlax, all very cool. Got to meet Isai and take a selfie (fanboiii) tho didn't play. Tacos came to our hotel room two nights in a row so that was dope. Also Pidge and Star King. Tacos and I were winning teams so much I declared ourselves the new Team Luv (rip the Z). Spoilers if you haven't watched the VOD yet, but there were some really great sets. Bonobono lost to Revan and got upset by Zero. Wangera beat d3xter in a game 5 timeout. Isai bodied Wizzy with Luigi, then sandbagged to death. LD beat Banze. Tacos got upset by Kort. Boom 5 stocked Wizzy's Pika. Alvin JV 6'd Fireblaster. So much crazy shit happened haha. Only bad thing was Isai and Boom finally face off in bracket and sandbag after game 1. I definitely feel like Isai could have won the tournament if he was going tryhard. The crowd was very into all of top 8 and we were treated as equals to the other games pretty much.
  23. No need to worry anymore apparently he can't cause of a 4 event limit
  24. He could probs beat me and every1 from my state. If I mained a different character id be confident but beating his campy ass kirby will be very hard lol
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