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  1. Live events accessible in game, that is powerful.
  2. This banning stuff before the game is very questionable to me. Not being able to ban non competitive stuff consistently is not competitive. Spectator mode looks great.
  3. They could but it 99% won't happen as every game's vanilla settings has had automatic starts in some form and I don't see them breaking the trend because the general population likes to use them (because they're easy to use).
  4. They want the game to be close to vanilla to try and make it more accessible most likely. I am also not a fan of having an automatic.
  5. I'm claiming in his mind right now he thinks he'll be able to compete in it just like the H2A tourney, when in reality it will probably be different--as you said--relying on him to make a decision quite early if it's based on points and etc. And I don't think he'll make the switch as a result.
  6. He's just assuming he'll be able to play in it like the two tournaments previously while being a cod pro. And he probably thinks he can win without comitting, similarly to H2A. I agree it's plausible but it's going to take a fail on 3arcs part for him to switch off the best cod team to attempt to take down a dominating EG.
  7. False, he no where said he's committing to Halo 5. Just expressing he wants to play in the tournament.
  8. Grats to @@Enable on winning Gfinity
  9. IMO a seperate thread draws more attention to the torny (not that it'd affect viewership, just visitors, that's all). They were successful the previous events imo. It's helpful cause the OP has the Twitch link, times, etc.
  10. Is that a new concurrent viewership record for Melee? 200k?
  11. WOW Plup's Samus over Leffen was incredible
  12. My bro wanted to play 64 so I turned off Chu and Hugs thinking Chu had it lost with just Sopo and 1 stock but he won, wow.
  13. Most were watching Mango vs Plup but Ken moving on yet again was pretty hype Chu taking down Westballz too damn loving this
  14. Haven't opened the can and won't, plus don't play Destiny. But ik the codes were generated or something, that sucks.
  15. I believe they're at Walmart too.
  16. Same, I'm not even going to drink that shit lol.
  17. Alright, cool, I have a lot of free time so if youre on just @ me on here
  18. @@2pro4show can you help me practice via Netplay sometime? Got a few questions and etc
  19. Just picked up a Flamesword Red Bull Say what you want about him as a player, but the dude is definitely showing that Halo pros can be successful outside of tournaments if they just keep on the content grind and be a bit more marketable.
  20. Man, I just picked up a Red Bull with @@Flamesword on it, and it got me thinking that the dude's had hella success this past year. First, on the cover of the New York times (although it wasn't about him, just in a picture) Then, an article in Men's Fitness And finally, on 80 million Red Bull cans I feel like his success should definitely inspire Halo pros to make content, because the sky's the limit, really. While OpTic has indeed juiced him (no steroids pun intended), he worked hard to consistently make content and land these accomplishments. Props to Mike.
  21. While true, this competition was for one event, and he was talking about Halo 4 as a whole. I know Roy didn't compete at many others, if any, for instance (besides the Reach event(s). But yeah, I don't have the full rosters for the other events, so I can't say with certainty.
  22. Forge is missing here, back in the day when my Internet was out I'd Forge. edit: I guess no technical details about Forge have been revealed but it's a pretty reasonable assumption IMO

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