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  1. http://streamable.com/yfy2
  2. 1. Halo 3 2. Super Smash Bros 64 3. Ocarina of Time 4. Pokemon Crystal 5. Mario 64 6. Mario Sunshine 7. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 8. Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando 9. Gauntlet Legends 10.Jak and Daxter As you can see I only played Halo during the 360's life
  3. AW has really killed my interest in CoD. Say what u want about ghosts but viewership was higher and more entertaining
  4. If you get knocked out of scope try challenging by quick scoping or running away. Also, playing passive helps if you're on a map like Guardian. Even though it's boring, there's no shame to sometimes just lock down an area.
  5. @@2pro4show Get on netplay bro Not confirmed but looks good http://smashboards.com/threads/smash-64-at-eglx-november-13-15-toronto-on.416267/
  6. That was hype. M2k is a great player. Even at 64, a game he rarely plays, he is surprisingly good.
  7. Check the Smash thread in General Gaming
  8. Dismissing universally hated mechanics from the community as "bandwagoners" is ********. "A lot of people hated Bloom, Armor Lock, and Random Ordinance". "Oh, they were just bandwagon haters". Like no, stop. People recognized they were garbage for the game. ESPECIALLY the competitive community.
  9. Enjoying competing in a tournament is 100% subjective, but I just can't see how he prefers friendlies. It is very unusual for a top player at any competitive activity to prefer friendly games over the highest level of competitiveness, I think. The other major point he brings up is a lack of talent in NA. While true, I don't think Isai would win if he didn't go: Pika, Kirby, Fox, or Jiggs. Yoshi is up in the air. Now that is of course taking away his best characters, but I think it would be a great challenge with a DL only ruleset (Isai is definitely way better than everyone at other stages). Lastly, I really don't get this quote: Yes, and then there are the people who are like "oh man I got 40%; see if you can beat that [insert friend's name here]." It felt good being in Peru because when I lost I did not hear that or maybe my Spanish comprehension was not good enough? lol. When they beat me you get the feeling of "whatever we are all good here we win and lose." While it's subjective, I would definitely claim taking offence to people being excited at how good you are compared to them is whack. If I beat someone 15-3 in Halo, and they said "I got 3 kills on him John, see if you can beat that!" I'd have no emotional response, unlike Isai. Anyway just my 2 cents. Feel free to disagree--I simply think his reasons are quite odd.
  10. You don't have to be defined by a single Halo game.
  11. This simply won't happen with Halo 5 as not enough people will be passionate about the game competitively. Even if one had been developed during v7, it would have died during Halo 4. Grassroots only works for games that are good.
  12. The problem with Breakout in my opinion are the maps. The paintball arenas are simply too linear. Also, no objective doesn't help either (I'm aware they're working on one). But yeah, to have a new gametype be simply be poor man's Counterstrike without the meta that an objective brings is really poor on 343's part.
  13. Players want more engagements--less time simply walking across maps. I simply advocate to make maps generally smaller like many others.
  14. I agree in theory it sounds like it would add to the meta but when played competitively it simply crumbled. I know there's VOD somewhere, let me see if I can get it (Halo 4, that is).
  15. If I ever went to an event my team name would be Kaiba Corp, 100%
  16. Arena: HCS FFA Team Slayer Team Doubles Social: Griffball Infection Snipers Swat Objective Warzone: Warzone Rotational: Action Sack/Multi-Team/Race/ To be added: Big Team battle Generally I advocate more playlists than average but I'm just being realistic with my suggestion.
  17. Oh shit, this is a problem? I thought majority of the N64 games used flash memory and were good to go. My Crystal is fucked though. I have no confidence in soldering or even replacing the battery
  18. Gz to Boom he's dominant. Didn't expect Kero to get 2nd either
  19. Lime soda >>>> Naw but really not to be a hipster but I stopped drinking soda when I was like 15 and switched to water just 2 be healthy. Tho I'll drink soda if it's a mix drink
  20. If there truly were only 12k concurrent viewers on the most popular streaming platfom, I doubt it got 400k. Perhaps Goldenboy meant non concurrent. But I also don't think the peak was 12k o Twitch.. that seems way too low.
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