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  1. Anyone want to play Halo 3 Team Arena? I’m level 22 looking to rank up. A little rusty but I’m pretty good and was a 50 in OG with 1k wins on it if anyone cares lol. GT: LimeSda
  2. Is there any medal tracking in MCC, similarly to what Bungie.net did and Halo Waypoint? Or is that not a thing anymore. Any third party sites like Halo Tracker?
  3. Also can anyone explain what the hell happened here? https://mobile.twitter.com/LimeSodaSSB/status/1102293821503795203
  4. Yeah this is what I did. The Xbox DVR is simply the step after using the traditional in-game button to play the clips back as you can't in MCC once they're saved. I hopped on OG and you're right that fix works 100%. But unfortunately on MCC you can't play back clips within MCC, you have to use the Xbox DVR, and it doesn't give you ability to do any theater stuff then obviously as you're not in the game anymore. So I tried to do this fix before/during the clip recording and it doesn't work--it shows no reticle during the recording of the clip and the playback
  5. So I got a nice clip on MCC and went into Theater only to realize you have to save clips using the Xbox DVR (I know, I'm years later to this realization lol). But whenever I record the clip, the playback shows no reticule (Halo 3). Anyone know of a fix? Was it like this in OG Halo 3 and thus a problem on MCC?
  6. Apologies for leaving you hanging bro. I’ve been real busy, just moved states for a job after college (Minnesota if anyone’s curious). So I gotta get my internet setup in the next week (literally just got here) then I’ll be down!
  7. Anyone know what time the stream starts today? I tried to look in a couple different places but couldn’t find a time.
  8. https://mobile.twitter.com/UGCevents/status/1064201936608681985
  9. It is an absolute pleasure watching Roy. One of my favorite players not only in Halo but all of eSports. An absolute monster.
  10. Anyone know what time Halo 3 starts? It’ll be on stream, right?
  11. Have they addressed the obvious issue of not seeing what gametype you’re going to play until you’re in the game yet?
  12. Thanks! Had a nice upset over Kort (sandbagging a bit however, he went DK and Fox). Think I went 0-3 on stream lmao but off stream I did way better. Also last weekend at Boss Battle 4 we won the Character Crew Battle which was dope https://mobile.twitter.com/LimeeSdaa/status/1046482239947722752
  13. I think this video was really well done and pretty accurate. A few things seemed to be glossed over/rushed but overall good content.
  14. It’s still shit unfortunately. Will probably call them tomorrow or Monday for an update. I did find my adapter, though. And that’s great. I just got back from our Smash Club weekly and we had 35 people come (a lot are Smash 4 players, though). It’s a great way to practice and meet some friends.
  15. For sure I’ll keep u updated. I definitely want to get some practice in as I’m going to The Big House and Boss Battle in a few weeks (which I defeated Supa at 2 years ago, lol, but he’s good—just a rager)

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