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  1. Thanks for your input. I just want to keep it simple. I may pick up Halo again just for the social aspect of playing with some old folks from here. It's that I have to spend close to 400 dollars just to do all that. IDK if I wanna do that lol I don't go out much or have a gf. I workout all the time (as you can see). I did my first bodybuilding show last summer. I'm currently in contest prep right now but it's mentally challenging me in that I don't know if I want to continue bodybuilding. Essentially, nothing excites me anymore or tickles my fancy. Maybe in May, I'll rejoin Tinder and get some sloots lol
  2. FPS but I wore out of those pretty fast as I have aged. I have never played a game like Starcraft, LoL, WoW, or anything like that. A part of me feels like I don't have the time to play long campaigns of games or have the attention span for them anymore. I can barely sit through a movie or a television show nowadays.
  3. Decided I'm going to hold off or just not buy anything. I just don't have the passion for it and just have different interests. Do you have any suggestions for a game I can play on PC or on my laptop? I'm just bored as fuck on weekends man.
  4. I haven't owned an xbox in years or played in a long time. Is it worth buying the halo Xbox one thats $349? Or is gaming dead in general? I'm 28 lol
  5. YES!! I actually contacted a dr that specializes in that and was offered one on the spot without a checkup. Didn't have the money at the time but you never know, some hot rich bitch may come along lol
  6. I'm not that dumb dude. Please go fuck yourself with that joke. Never getting married crew. Never having kids crew.
  7. Well I do have a tinder hookup coming over to fuk tonight. Will I get repped to infinity if I get pics as proof? srs She's 33 btw. Prob rarely gets any at that age lol. Cute but has an OK body. Pussy is pussy but just avoid the fat kind. I deleted my tinder and will restart it in a month or so after I work up on dem selfie pics and shit. srs, that's how tinder works.
  8. Imma just eat clean now, up the dose of my test when I blast it (I'm cruising), and just focusing on school and lifting. Girls will come sooner or later. I get looks all the time but am a social ****** come to the point of conversation and not short talk. Even if they don't come, I'm going to be happy with achieving my goals of a aesthetic physique, a degree, and hopefully a good job within a year.
  9. I give up. I'm done with women. I wish I was a robot so I wouldn't get these sudden primal urges all of a sudden. fuck that *****. brb only getting unattractive girls on tinder no thanks jeff
  10. I miss zyzz. He literally got me back into lifting. I'm taking the week off to recover from tennis elbow. fuark.
  11. so i just got a new smart phone. joined tinder and getting some great matches. and match.com is shit, not getting any matches. tinder is where its at, for real.
  12. I'm already too old. I'm 28. The chances of me making it are extremely slim. Even if I wasn't old, only 1% make it to the pro's. Even at that level, you don't get paid. You literally have to sell yourself on facebook, instagram, etc to get sponsorships. It's literally a full time job for that. I don't even do any of that yet. But I'm going to try anyway. I'm having tons of fun though and that's all that matters to be honest.
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