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  1. That was a close one. Really impressed by liquid! Good, entertaining series.
  2. That nice double noob combo by lunchbox... awesome game by the "washed boxx"! #sonotwashed
  3. I quoted everything right out of the rulebook! Everything that happened was basically not stated in their rule book, stated differently or poorly covered. Nonetheless the integrity pragraph gives ESL free reign if needed. They chose not to follow their rules and violated them (at least by not taking care of the integrity). Rule book: https://gfx.esl.eu/gfx/media/play/halo/HCSProLeague/ProLeagueRules-Fall2016.pdf
  4. @ ESL you need to read up on your own rules!!! First of all your rule book states: "1. Definitions: The Manager: The person who is responsible for the COMMUNICATION between the Team and HCS Pro League Administration. This person is also responsible for any and all roster changes, during the Regular Season or between seasons. Section 2.2 has more information regarding Team Managers. 2.2: This Manager is responsible for SUBMITTING any and all roster changes to the HCS Pro League." -it doesnt state the manager gets to decide. He's responsible that ESL gets the info of any TEAM decisions but your rule book does NOT say, that he can decide by himself! Furthermore your rule book states: "2.4 Roster Changes: Any team or roster announcements made prior to ESL approval for the new roster are not considered official or final until final the roster is confirmed by ESL. For any roster change, it must be clearly communicated to the League whether the roster change was initiated by the player or the team." - Well.... since you stated that this whole team matter was discussed, you clearly must have known there was a disagreement between the manager and one of the players(bubu) that the manager falsely wanted to submit on his roster. At NO point does your rule book state that the manager can make any decision (just responsible for team changes a.k.a. tell ESL whats going on with the team) but at a 2/2 split. The 2/2 split is the ONLY part in your rule book, where the manager gets to decide something (who is going to keep the spot in pro league). It wasnt a 2/2 split and therefor the falsely submitted roster by the manager should have NEVER ever gotten any approval from ESL side, since you knew how all parties felt (because you talked to them
  5. Without a contract bubu couldnt have been held on a roster before roster lock! He could have just split, unless bound by contract (E6). I guess one also needs to agree to be traded or sold (to pnda), which bubu most likely would have refused before roster lock in order to open up that pro league spot.So for this disaster to make sense E6 must have stuck around till roster lock (to legally submit the roster including bubu) and then selling the team and spot to pnda. Pnda then released bubu to not look bad. E6 made more money by selling an actual spot in the pro league and bubu got srewed! Sad...
  6. Winter is coming... (on mobile, cant provide a pic but check out bubu's/shotzzy's/falcated's emblem)
  7. If 343 isnt already fixing the servers, aiming lag and ghost meeles we are truly doomed. Nobody but the devs are responsible for that kind of stuff and its already widely known.
  8. I wouldnt want the meta to change if i was the no.1 team by miles. Nonetheless, no radar is a lot more interesting and enjoyable as a viewer. i would propably start playing halo again if 343 would start improving the game. Servers/Matchmaking, no rdr, balance autos
  9. Old DT was actually a lot better, before posey and juicyfruit got fucked over.
  10. Thats like saying dogs arent animals. They are dogs... These are two separate things. Sounds dumb, doesnt it?
  11. Twins were argueing about the strat how to approach the gate...
  12. Well, this shitshow ( bo3, single elim., slayer and breakout as the first two gametypes in bo3 and breakout being considered "objective") just lost me as a viewer. Cant take this crap anymore! I love this game and ill keep playing and most propably gonna watch the lan, but this current online setup is unbareable! Rip comp. Halo... Have fun ya'all Im out, -1
  13. Optic is on fire!!! Grind is finally paying off... /s P.s. Thanks tormented for keeping us in the loop with all those scrims/ladder matches!!! Ur the man
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