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  1. Man. A lot of things going on with OG. Not sure if this has been posted. https://www.pcgamer.com/optic-gaming-loses-dollar12000-pubg-prize-after-being-disqualified-for-cheating/
  2. Was Halo 4 really all that bad when we had this banger to listen to?
  3. Does anyone have the link to that unlisted video of the halo chant? Because now is the time!
  4. Ninja confirmed on stream he will be streaming halo tonight. Possible LG 4th implications tonight maybe?
  5. I do sometimes. I'll have a big breakfast and take a snack to have around noon while I keep working. It's nice if you work from say 7 to 3, which I do quite a bit. You still have a lot of the day left to do whatever it is you do with your free time. It's nice having an employer who is flexible on that as well, not all are.
  6. I think that if the EG that ran games against Liquid the other night (Roybox, Ninja, Victory), ends up sticking together they will start to get better. I know that's not a popular thing among teams now days, but I think that team would get better as times goes on. We'll have to wait and see though :glasses:
  7. Shooter, Heinz, Ryanoob, Ninja running MM. https://www.twitch.tv/ninja
  8. I'm so sorry I did not mean to down vote that. My most sincere apologies.
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