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  1. fuck that. i'd rather never see his ass again lol.
  2. 100% blind pick eve continues
  3. yeah, i find playing like 1-2 games every couple days to be the best formula for me. keeps me off tilt.
  4. went 6-4 & placed gold 3. let the climb begin once again...
  5. #firenicothepico nvm #fireentirefncstaff
  6. amazing benched. yay. i wish i could play without lagging zzz.
  7. oh i know lol, i ended last season in my promos to p4. i think it was my 2nd or 3rd time there. people dont know how to use their damn brain and think they're gods.
  8. sick 15k/hr rates. too good to pass up m8.
  9. i spammed the shit out of her right before s6 ended. definitely s tier then, idk about now since i stopped playing due to my internet going to shit for some reason.
  10. if it makes you feel any better all i got were icons and sprays lmao
  11. gl stuck on exam week so no placements for me lul
  12. finished the campaign. that ending was not very satisfying. overall i thought the whole thing was pretty fun though.
  13. so i'm able to get halo 5 for 10$ at meijer.. should i even bother?
  14. speaking of, sun & moon release this friday. like 30$ with amazon prime too
  15. so i'm a bit behind the loop.. what exactly is the issue with mcc?
  16. sounds good. i'm not actively looking for a monitor, just wondering if there were any steals to be had. upgrading to 144hz would be dope and the hdmi port on my current monitor broke somehow lol.
  17. @@ZerueLX11 my man are you aware of any black friday deals for a good monitor?
  18. holy shiet, those graphics look a lot better than what i was expecting.
  19. i see. i just recommend trying both because eventually the grind will get real, and it's fun to do something else while, say, fishing or some boring shit. if you do find it all too much, there is also a legacy layout that looks similar to old scape as well as legacy combat mode. these can ease your way into the game i suppose, but i would suggest starting off with the revolution combat mode and just have fun trying things out. people bash on the eoc combat, but it's got a lot of improvements over the years and is very solid and fun, in my opinion.
  20. unfortunately rdr never came to pc. hope they don't make that mistake again... couldn't stand the mp gameplay on console.
  21. rs3 is at first, but once you learn it then it's really not that bad. i'd honestly recommend playing both versions of the game if you're able to. lots of people like to hate on rs3, but it's still a good game in my opinion.
  22. good idea to wait for black friday sales to pick up an xbox or just go ahead and buy one whenever?
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