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  1. fuck that. i'd rather never see his ass again lol.
  2. 100% blind pick eve continues
  3. yeah, i find playing like 1-2 games every couple days to be the best formula for me. keeps me off tilt.
  4. went 6-4 & placed gold 3. let the climb begin once again...
  5. #firenicothepico nvm #fireentirefncstaff
  6. amazing benched. yay. i wish i could play without lagging zzz.
  7. oh i know lol, i ended last season in my promos to p4. i think it was my 2nd or 3rd time there. people dont know how to use their damn brain and think they're gods.
  8. sick 15k/hr rates. too good to pass up m8.
  9. i spammed the shit out of her right before s6 ended. definitely s tier then, idk about now since i stopped playing due to my internet going to shit for some reason.
  10. if it makes you feel any better all i got were icons and sprays lmao
  11. gl stuck on exam week so no placements for me lul
  12. finished the campaign. that ending was not very satisfying. overall i thought the whole thing was pretty fun though.
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