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  1. F/A Looking to preferable join a solid established team but also willing to piece something together with some good players. Really looking to grind, improve and seriously compete. I play late nights around 8 or 9pm till 2am ish EST. MSG on XBL to run games GT: Chef Corry For those interested http://halotracker.com/h5/player/chef-corry
  2. Still looking to run with as many people possible.
  3. Me and my teammate (Im Ricklet) have been playing halo together since 07 and will be looking for two players that can fit well with us for HWC and other online tournaments and possible lans. Looking for people who can hold there own at a high level of competition, make good in game decisions and keep a cool head. We play basically everyday around the 8-9 PM est. time till 1-2 AM and of course more on weekends. Leave a reply and add me if you wanna run some games GT: Chef Corry
  4. Assuming you're still searching I would love to run some games, Trying to improve as much as I can at this game and compete at a high level. Gt - Chef corry
  5. Looking for more people to play team arena with in the Champ to mid/high onyx area. GT - Chef Corry
  6. TA - Champ 130 TS - Diamond 4 FFA - Onyx 1500 If your high ranking in team arena send me a friend request need more people to play with. B) GT - Chef Corry
  7. There's different stick sensitivity on the controller, When i use the slower setting i get slow turn to the point where the analog stick might as well be broke but it works fine on all the other settings really weird.
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