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  1. Im not gonna Lie, Today playing GB I literally played the sweatiest of the Sweatiest and I played really well, feeling good about this season NOTE: I have 15 pro points we back LMAO
  2. LBR2 of champ bracket because I always lose to Str8 ripping or EG in winners
  3. Did someone say MLG? #weback Reality Check !!!!!! Everyone tweet @@SUDDOTH2 and tell him to play with me
  4. I've evolved from Ratatta to Slowpoke but soon to be SlowKing when they remove sprint
  5. Any good teams need 1 for LCQ in off the next two days. Been grinding this whole week. Hmu
  6. me and suddoth2 first time playing halo together since surgery should be fun http://twitch.tv/suddoth1 #weback ????
  7. Lets all put stickers on our screens and play matchmaking the way the game is supposed to be played #noradar even If 343 doesnt change it, they cant force us! Like how it was at MCC pre launch event because they have broken halo games!
  8. IM BACK F/A for now until SUD2 comes back and he is still in recovery but im dying to compete. His cancer is gone Chemo was a success <3 I cant play Saturdays because of work but I can Play Sundays, any top 8 teams wanna pick me up
  9. Guess who is Back what did i miss and Do I have to hand Cratos a Crispy Reality Check for the 10,000th time in my career? He will never beat this
  10. Communication wasn't there and didnt see improvement from that. They are very skilled but just didn't work out
  11. Just heads up, open qualifiers are this weekend. We have decided to continue to look for the best new talent. #farmsystem We are looking for players with good k/d a Prefer above 5 or 6 not because stats matter but because if you are going positive and shoot a lot you will get a bunch of assists. You can even go negative kd with a lot of assists and complete this. Plus because suddoth2 is way too agrees I've and I need some help in the slaying With that being said. I will be running tryouts. I definitely wanna say it's been fun these past few years finding new talent and always been able to see that. Been rough this last year with my bro and his cancer and online tourneys and no Lans for open tournaments and single Elim with teams changing every weekend and day with most shady kids. It's a rough time for halo and only top 8 being pro league isn't the right direction in my opinion. NFL or MLB doesn't limit their teams to only 8m that's what playoffs are for. We will be running with people. I'll be checking halotracker.Com and clips and stuff if u think u have the teamwork and capability to beat these teams like soul and optic and liquid and denial. There are tons of big names gonna be left out. I've beaten many of them before so I'm gonna give it all I can to last second throw a team together and get the chance. @me the stuff u want me to see and good luck #goldenticket #farmsystem. #realitycheck
  12. Any good teams on wanna scrim in 15-20 min let me know. Testing out the farm talent. Pretty confident in these two
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