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  1. The BR sucks as a main weapon, the DMR would be far better but they haven't figured that out yet. I love Narrows CTF, probably my favorite game type ever. Halo 2 is overrated because button glitches, its the only thing that makes it better than Halo 3 (which I also think is overrated but thats not an unpopular opinion)
  2. I'm glad I wasn't alone in my thinking that Reamis and Tostagami were the same person, it was that obvious right?
  3. What if we do move at max speed though? I'm not saying that part is certain as there is no way to know right now with the game play we have seen. But if it is and sprint is literally just an animation that shows you're moving at top speed what is the issue with it? Because that's not sprint as we know it, that's just like if you added the animation to top movement speed in Halo 3 as (and correct me if I'm wrong here) but it took a second to get to max walking speed in Halo 3. Wasn't that the reason the strafe was so bad? The map design and auto aim are also kinda their own separate things to accommodate for sprint as we used to know it. If we get normal maps, the right amount of auto aim, and there is no penalty to sprinting then where is the issue? We aren't going to be able to tell until we see more game play, but being able to act instantly out of sprint is a pretty big deal if you ask me.
  4. Why would it matter if we can act out of it? I've watched in on Youtube now with 60 fps. One frame they're sprinting, the next the gun is up and the bullet is out already about to hit the Brute.
  5. Couldn't slide just be what happens when you move while crouching if this was the case?
  6. I watched the clamber in slow motion as well, can't tell if its the same as sprint. The reticle disappears but they start shooting before it shows up again, so you may be able to shoot out of clamber?
  7. Well that depends on what they do, if they keep stretching them out yeah. But if we get normal sized maps and this is what "sprint" is now does it not have any effect on game play? To me what it looks like is that it takes a second for you to hit max movement speed. Once you do the "sprint" animation starts but it doesn't alter your ability to do anything like it has in the past. The only thing I can see this hurting is strafing maybe, as if your starting up to slow the strafe is going to be garbage. I wonder if they can control how fast you accelerate depending on which direction you're moving.
  8. Does this fix things? I've had my opinion changed on sprint a few times over the years by people more knowledgeable than I on the subject of arena games, and used to be of the "well if they balance sprint it will be fine" group before realizing it just needed to go. But this seems like the next best thing, especially if we can turn the animation off.
  9. So I'm going frame by frame on that 50% slower than the actual video is playing (not sure if it's actually 1 frame). This is the frame before the shot comes out. And the frame right after
  10. I have watched this clip over a few times in even slower motion. https://i.imgur.com/KH3Z8HH.mp4 It looks like the shot comes out instantly. Before the gun even starts to come up.
  11. Waypoint is usually terrible for this type of stuff. But this looks kinda promising. Sprinting doesn't make you move faster. https://i.imgur.com/59kQCjc.mp4 https://i.imgur.com/mk5tZL1.mp4 You can throw equipment with zero penalty. https://i.imgur.com/WctmwbJ.mp4 Grapple https://i.imgur.com/hdo7I1b.mp4 Melee https://i.imgur.com/L2KDitn.mp4 And Shoot https://i.imgur.com/KH3Z8HH.mp4 https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/forums/29568daf8cd14083bd1b70a810bf3581/topics/i-m-not-convinced-that-halo-infinite-has-sprint/28304c1a-ead9-488d-8a71-25af62b424ab/posts
  12. I haven't seem much on what people are hoping for as far as utility weapons. I personally have grown pretty tired of the BR after playing a bunch of H2/H3 after playing a few months of just CE prior. I am now on the pistol bandwagon. I know the H5 pistol was actually pretty good, quite possibly one of the best things about the game. But what are we looking for/hoping for here? I can't see them going back to a 3sk so I'd just hope for a 4sk. But then everything else everyone seems to have mixed opinions on other than everyone hates bloom and random spread. Personally I'd like 4sk. No hitscan but fast bullet travel time. No bloom, random spread only if you hold down the trigger. 2x Scope with a perfect kill time around a second.
  13. I'm all set with either of those options. I tried testing Halo 4 for competitive and that broke my spirit, never again.
  14. I don't know why but I have this feeling that all the movement shit is going to be out of the arena multiplayer and only in campaign and warzone. And I'm really mad about it because I told myself not to get my hopes up. Someone talk me down.
  15. They didn't say if sprint was one of them. We at least saw the other ones get switched out.
  16. Am I crazy or am I not seeing hit markers on grenades, just shots. Watched a few clips back a few times and don't notice anything.
  17. Today is my 30th Birthday, 343 has done nothing but disappoint me my entire 20's since they took sprint out of Reach MLG. I want to have hope, but I don't.
  18. If we can't take no sprint in arena, and only as a pickup then well.... Idk if we can ever do any better than that. If it just ends up being that there is only one of them on a few non competitive playlists maps I'll take it as a win. It has it's use in custom games for dumb shit, so I don't mind having it in the game in some capacity. Please just don't make us start with it, or there be enough of whatever you can pick up of them on the maps for multiple people to have it at one time. They can do whatever the fuck they want with Warzone because I could give two shits about that.
  19. New England still had a really good community for Reach, mostly because me and Cheeky (coached Impact when they won one of those events). I ran the players in Massachusetts thread (which was basically New England) back when the MLG forums were still up. And Cheeky and my other buddy who went by The Rev held a few LANS. It died in 2011 when I stopped playing Reach and Cheeky stopped coaching but we had a lot of really good players still during that time. We had Weakness, Flip, BBK, Nickel 9, Pure, Exhale, Rooney, Massacre, Mudvayne even came to a few LANs at the start of Reach. And all of them made top 24/32 at some point. Then you had players like me, The Rev, Pwnsi, Wombat, Aftermath, and Lemyn (not the Lemon I'm quoting) who were all really good and were fringe top 48 players. And then we had our "forum kids" which me and Cheeky 100% were, and we also had Alpha_BB who was very active and showed up to LANs and events. I stopped going to events after playing really bad the one and only time I got to play for points at CBus 2011, coached Weakness's team to 22nd at Raleigh, and went to Providence for shits and giggles. Cheeky stopped coaching to go to school, and everyone else just kinda stopped playing and it's been dead here ever since. That's why I was saying I don't understand what Snipe_Three was saying with grassroots communities because New England was thriving from 2008-2011. Ironically most everyone stopped playing when they finally took sprint out. Edit: We even had a community montage put together in 2011 a few months before people started quitting. It was Halo 3 because it had been passed around from like 3 different editors before someone finally finished it.
  20. Everyone still seems to keep an eye on whats going on though. I was gone for 5 years, I left after the Halo 5 beta and only came back because people I'm still friends with because of Halo told me it was coming out on PC. Played Reach once in that span at a birthday party to toy with my friends who didn't know how much I used to play. I know I can't be the only one like that. The community is still around, but I still think a good game that the majority of us can agree on (because we'll never 100% agree on everything) would bring enough people back for there to be an active competitive community again. I personally would never come back as tryhard as I used to, but I would 100% go to a tournament with my friends if Infinite is good.
  21. We don't have any grassroots community tournaments because the community can't agree on one game. To keep up the Smash comparison when Brawl came out the majority of the community went back to Melee and agreed on that. When we had Halo 4 and to a lesser extent Reach, there was never a consensus game we could fall back on. You had your CE purists who believed it was that style of play or the highway. Personally I grew to agree with them over the past 10 years. Then you had Halo 2 people who thought the button glitches and slightly longer kill times were ideal. Then there were Halo 3 people who were really just there because that was when the game peaked. Edit: You edited your post while I was typing this and see you kinda went back to the point I made here. My entire point I'm trying to make here is that Halo 4 and Halo 5 killed this community. Not MLG, not us, those two games did. They took a community that was already split and cut it in half again. And I just disagreed with KnightyKnights post about how the Halo 5 community is big and would thrive on PC because I just don't agree. I don't doubt that Halo 5 doesn't have a decent population, but it's nothing in comparison to what it used to be. And certainly not big enough to revive the competitive scene.
  22. Smash was able to survive without MLG, it took them a few years and the Gods to bring them back but they managed. If anything MLG almost killed Smash by going with the new game (Brawl) that the majority of the competitive community hated. And after they got dropped they spent a few years on their death bed before EVO brought Melee in 2013 because the community raised almost 100,000$ All this while Nintendo actively did everything they could to stop it from happening before finally giving up. And please save me from the, "well Smash is 1v1 and Halo is 4v4 so it's harder blah blah blah". Yes, it is harder to get a Halo tournament together. But our community is so split because of the shit the developers have done to the game over the years Bungie included. If only we could actually get a game the majority of us agree on.
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