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  1. Maybe if I make one for the first Infinite Flight.
  2. Actually I did. Six years ago.
  3. You know it will happen, they are giving me plenty of ammo to try and make one of these for the flight again.
  4. That's what I came here to do, but instead I got you arguing with me over some bullshit instead. Edit: Just discovered there is an ignore feature, this is much better.
  5. I'm not salty, this is exactly what I expected. I am just expressing my opinion. Again, I'm not the one quoting people who disagree with me to start an argument. And you wanna know why I've, "like never commented here"? You probably already looked at my post history because you seem like that kinda weirdo. But it's because this place was created after Halo already died for me, I come here when there is news on a new Halo game because I know it's a place where the majority share my opinion. Not like waypoint or reddit, because a lot of the people here migrated from the old MLG forums which is a place I was quite active. I don't come here to argue like you do, if I wanted to do that I'd go over to waypoint, but I gave up on that a decade ago too. So why don't you back the fuck up, stop being a child, and go over to waypoint where you won't stand out for being a giant prick.
  6. They already can do that, you still get your secondary color. You are still that color in non team games, it should still show your main armor color on your service record if that's even a thing anymore. So no, I don't see a reason, ESPECIALLY when I know it's going to because they are selling armor colors, or you're getting exclusive ones depending on where you buy the game or whatever. They didn't do it to give you more customization, they did it to get more money. And as long as the parry has a tight window and is a pickup that can only be used at most 2-3 times before running out. If it's really easy to do, and you have it till someone kills you then it's going to be awful.
  7. You're the one replying to every person who didn't like the trailer and commenting about it, I think you're just salty no one likes the game and it's gunna be dead just like Halo 5. I haven't been here in a while, what is this guy the new token troll account? Or just the lone 343 shill insane enough to post here for some ungodly reason?
  8. - Fuck sprint. - Super fuck sprinting with the flag. - Absolutely no reason to change red vs. blue. - 343 has somehow managed to ruin the announcer for me, not every medal needs him. - Shotgun and the other COD looking gun look dumb. - The gun that gets a ricochet kill is going to be hell if (when) people spam it in a close quarters hallway or something. - Grapple hook would be cool if there was no sprint. - Didn't see enough of the pickups, what I did see was underwhelming. - The parry thing was cool though, as long as it's a pickup. - Finally a human banshee type vehicle. - RIP Flagnum, except not in peace because it sucked. - AI announcer (not medal announcer guy) is a cool concept, but I hope that's not the only voice. - Already gave up on arena/competitive, zero hope it will be any good. - Hopefully BTB isn't ruined by movement abilities like past games, only thing that looks like it might be fun. See you in 5 years to be disappointed again.
  9. The BR sucks as a main weapon, the DMR would be far better but they haven't figured that out yet. I love Narrows CTF, probably my favorite game type ever. Halo 2 is overrated because button glitches, its the only thing that makes it better than Halo 3 (which I also think is overrated but thats not an unpopular opinion)
  10. I'm glad I wasn't alone in my thinking that Reamis and Tostagami were the same person, it was that obvious right?
  11. What if we do move at max speed though? I'm not saying that part is certain as there is no way to know right now with the game play we have seen. But if it is and sprint is literally just an animation that shows you're moving at top speed what is the issue with it? Because that's not sprint as we know it, that's just like if you added the animation to top movement speed in Halo 3 as (and correct me if I'm wrong here) but it took a second to get to max walking speed in Halo 3. Wasn't that the reason the strafe was so bad? The map design and auto aim are also kinda their own separate things to accommodate for sprint as we used to know it. If we get normal maps, the right amount of auto aim, and there is no penalty to sprinting then where is the issue? We aren't going to be able to tell until we see more game play, but being able to act instantly out of sprint is a pretty big deal if you ask me.
  12. Why would it matter if we can act out of it? I've watched in on Youtube now with 60 fps. One frame they're sprinting, the next the gun is up and the bullet is out already about to hit the Brute.
  13. Couldn't slide just be what happens when you move while crouching if this was the case?
  14. I watched the clamber in slow motion as well, can't tell if its the same as sprint. The reticle disappears but they start shooting before it shows up again, so you may be able to shoot out of clamber?
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