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  1. I just don't understand how I can't find a game in ranked CE doubles with a To2 already. Me and my buddy find a team about once every 3 days. And we either win 50-8 or lose 50-28, and once the other team backs out we never find a game again and go back to 4s. We don't even find games in social dubs... And then 4's is either just us stomping on people who have no clue what they're doing. Or is decided by who out of me and my buddy and the other to2 we got matched up against got the worst teammates. There seems to be 5 tiers of players Pro's/Long Time players Who play a shit ton (usually streamers) Long Time Players People who don't really get Halo but are good at shooters People who aren't good at Halo or shooters People who can't move and aim at the same time. I think if there was just a way to cut that in half somehow, even if the system just tried to first I think things would be way better. I feel like every other game there's 1-2 people in the game who go like 1-15.
  2. Playing CE reminds me why I like Halo. I liked Reach more than others but god did that game get annoying really fast. At least with CE shit makes sense. I find myself screaming "WTF WHY DID THAT HAPPEN?" a lot less, and "WTF THEY HAVE ROCKETS CAMO AGAIN?" A lot more. And well at least for one of those I can have some sort of effect on if it happens to me or not.
  3. They took Penance Slayer out of the Hardcore playlist, about time. https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/forums/f3681fbc78fa43878c4aec9a63a46224/topics/mcc-playlist-update---1-22-20/f94ad927-5a2f-45e0-84e1-71dca90eb312/posts
  4. There's one thing I have never gotten about the Halo community. And that is why there seems to be such a large population of players (not here obviously) who are more than content with spawning, and then running in a straight line at the first person they see while shooting their AR. And not only that, but then they think this is the optimal way to play the game, and go online and wonder why every game doesn't start with AR's. Typing this out made me realize something though, you could probably say the same thing about some of the people here if you replaced AR with BR/DMR, and straight line with strafing. I hope no one from reddit see's this post
  5. I know there have always been people like that, like a lot of them. I think there is just a higher percentage of them now. They used to get to me and make me feel shitty, now they're just annoying. I've found just hitting them with the classic, "ur mom gay" in chat is the best response. Usually results in them getting even angrier and calling me the N word when they are clearly white. Or the R/F words that people were phasing out when this game first came out, showing the type of person they really are. People need to learn to just shut up and play the game. Not like any of us are prepping to go to Columbus 2011 or some shit.
  6. Little late but yeah count me out on gamechat. It seems the only people who actually have mics anymore bitch about everything twice as much as they call out. I know there was a lot of that before, but it seems as if people have gotten even angrier over the last 8 years. Had a game earlier where a guy was bitching non stop about how bad the rest of the team was, you all know the drill. Quits out and he was 9-21. I also went neg 10 that game so I wasn't doing much better. But either just call out, or shut the fuck up. No one wants to hear anyone's nerd rage, I just wanna play Halo. You don't need to tell me I suck, I know that and I say it myself enough.
  7. I think that might be why I think of it fondly tbh, I remember it being okay in the Team Slayer playlist as well but I didn't play that as much as Doubles. I remember that now, looking at the list there was a lot of maps they did that with. I think I even remember playing shit like 5 Flag on Snowbound, 1 Flag on High Ground, and Slayer on Epitaph. And the limit of 11 wasn't the only problem, Pit Slayer was bad at high ranks in the playlist with two teams of 4 and even worse with the Pros. But it was okay because everyone loved the Pit.
  8. Just had a conversation with a friend that made me remember something I had forgotten about. Was there a reason we didn't use Citadel as a map in the MLG settings back in the day for H3? I remembered always liking it and thinking it would be a far better slayer map than Pit, Guardian, or even Narrows. But I don't remember them ever even considering it. Am I just dumb and the map was bad, or did they just kind of ignore it?
  9. Anyone have, or know how to get an instant respawn gametype with nbns settings? I really wanna play octagon.
  10. I always felt like if they gave us a version with normal gravity, if we just added catwalks or something on the top level of the outside area it would be good to go. I never understood how we never found a way to use that map.
  11. It sucks to suck now after 8 years of not playing this game, but at least I don't suck as bad as the maps for v7. My god, I can't wait till the modders get to work on maps and 343 fixes the damn audio bug on forge maps so I can enjoy those.
  12. Anyone have Octagon in their fileshare or know someone who does?
  13. Hello all, haven't paid attention to anything Halo related since after Halo 5 came out. Found out a few weeks ago MCC was coming to PC which has peaked my interest a bit. But.... Should I be interested? I gave up on MCC a long time ago, and decided Halo 5 wasn't for me after the Beta. I have little to no faith MCC won't just be a buggy mess like it was before. But I also haven't paid attention to jack shit for 4 years so I'm also talking out of my ass a bit, I don't know what I'm talking about anymore. I made a post on Reddit, but then I remembered this place and thought I'd probably get a better opinion here. I used to be highly invested in this community so it would be nice to have a reason to play Halo again and I'm not buying a XB1 again. My cat pissed on mine like 3 years ago and I just took that as a sign to save up for a PC instead.
  14. Anyone still getting Slayer matches not reaching 50 kills at higher levels because no one wants to push because it's a death sentence? I asked some friends but they still seem to be in the Honeymoon phase so I don't trust them. That was my biggest issue with the Beta, got to Semi-Pro then half my matches timed out.

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