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  1. It sucks to suck now after 8 years of not playing this game, but at least I don't suck as bad as the maps for v7. My god, I can't wait till the modders get to work on maps and 343 fixes the damn audio bug on forge maps so I can enjoy those.
  2. Anyone have Octagon in their fileshare or know someone who does?
  3. Hello all, haven't paid attention to anything Halo related since after Halo 5 came out. Found out a few weeks ago MCC was coming to PC which has peaked my interest a bit. But.... Should I be interested? I gave up on MCC a long time ago, and decided Halo 5 wasn't for me after the Beta. I have little to no faith MCC won't just be a buggy mess like it was before. But I also haven't paid attention to jack shit for 4 years so I'm also talking out of my ass a bit, I don't know what I'm talking about anymore. I made a post on Reddit, but then I remembered this place and thought I'd probably get a better opinion here. I used to be highly invested in this community so it would be nice to have a reason to play Halo again and I'm not buying a XB1 again. My cat pissed on mine like 3 years ago and I just took that as a sign to save up for a PC instead.
  4. Anyone still getting Slayer matches not reaching 50 kills at higher levels because no one wants to push because it's a death sentence? I asked some friends but they still seem to be in the Honeymoon phase so I don't trust them. That was my biggest issue with the Beta, got to Semi-Pro then half my matches timed out.
  5. Well fuck, the first thing I've seen that gave me any sense of hope for this game and it's the day before release. Still not getting the game, but at least there might be some good gametypes that no one will ever play.
  6. So I went to play for the first time in a few days and I get an error message that says. "There was a problem with the update Halo: The Master Chief Collection needs an update, but something went wrong. For more help , visit xbox.com/xboxone/update/help." I went to the link they gave me, did all the troubleshooting steps but downloading some program onto a usb and using on my xbox. Nothing worked, still can't download anything. Anyone else had this problem and know a fix or do I gotta go out and get a flash drive? Edit: Well fuck me, I post this, go hit cancel on the screen I had and it starts downloading the patch. Apparently hitting try again doesn't try it again...hitting cancel does. I hate this fucking console.
  7. You really lost me here, not that it's very surprising. I just don't understand how I'm supposed to read something like this and just be okay with it. The reason that nothing you guys are saying is convincing us that sprint is good is for Halo is because you're wrong. People have gone to such lengths to show how detrimental sprint is, and sure you have tried to balance it. But it ends up being like putting a bandaid on a flesh wound, you just can't fix it without turning Halo into something that doesn't feel like Halo anymore. And now it sounds like you have all but given up on giving us any actual reason and are just resorting to saying, "WELL WE LIKE IT!" It's not that you've done a poor job explaining why you have sprint in the game, it's the actual reasons we have a problem with. You have given me even more reason to not buy Halo 5, thank you very much for making my decision even easier.
  8. I don't think they are going to work, but if they did wouldn't it be plausible that we see a spike in population?
  9. I got 55 in a 3v3 CE game, I am now your god. Worship me.
  10. Team Doubles and Team Hardcore is filled with a lot of angry people who like to send very angry messages. I see they all finally moved on from Halo 3 on the 360 and bought Xbox Ones.
  11. I'm pretty sure I'm gunna start going to Smash tourneys. Have a pretty good scene where I live.
  12. I was complaining with everyone else, but now I started playing Elder Scrolls Online again, gunna get Evolve next week to.
  13. Jmacz

    NFL Thread

    That was Family Guy, god hates the Patriots because Belichick doesn't smile. They only made fun of Brady getting his meds mixed up with Ike and he shits himself on the field.
  14. Well it's pretty well known we are the minority, but I think that is offset by the fact that we will be the ones playing every day if the game is good. What really hurts us is the negative affect our bitching has on the community. We are already hated by a large portion of the casual community for little to no reason, so anything we say instantly starts a flame war where logic is thrown out the window and everyone starts insulting each other. To me it breaks down to the casuals hating us for no reason, and us going into conversations expecting to just be called a crybaby etc. When I go back and think about it, I seem to remember a lot of people having a negative opinion on the competitive community because of players such as xXMLGSn1p3rI3R420Xx. Back in Halo 3 there were loads of people who I'm just gunna stereotype here that were running around Team Slayer, Doubles, and Snipers. If they lost you'd get the infamous, "1v1 me ******" messages and such. I don't think we've ever really recovered from stuff like this and there are just some people who will just always hate anyone "competitive" because of stuff like that,

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