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  1. I don't personally think leading shots adds much to the game and making the BR hitscan makes the connection more consistent overall. You have to lead more or less depending on the server because latency = bullet travel time + ping.
  2. No. I need to test it further but it seems like the changes I've made effect all players in the game regardless of whether they have the modded maps installed so once crossplay gets added to MCC, you may be able to join a lobby playing these settings.
  3. I've made settings that remove the spread from the BR and increase the bullet velocity making the BR effectively hitscan. I'm looking for players who would be interested in trying these settings out. I've tested it in 2v2s but haven't been able to get enough players on at the same time for 4v4 customs yet. Only the host needs to have the modified maps installed I believe (needs further testing), you should be able to just join up and play. I have several different variants I'd like to test: no BR spread (bullet velocity unchanged) hitscan BR/no spread hitscan BR/no spread + 5 shot kill + single shot BR
  4. Yeah, we briefly tested reducing the BR damage to make it a 5 shot kill, as well as making the BR single shot. I want to try these settings in a 4v4 but haven't had the chance yet.
  5. Here's a casual 2v2 gameplay of Halo 3 with a hitscan BR and the BR spread removed. I'm sure someone else has already done it, but I haven't really seen anyone else talking about it yet.
  6. Hopping Lizards is looking for teams to scrimmage. Please send me a message and add me if interested. Gamertag: Walrus Boots Scrims Region: United States
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