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  1. I agree with alot of your points about Halo, but disagree here. Many high-level competitive games such as Fighting games, UT series, "there is more but my brain is blanking". feature an "evade" mechanic or dash mechanic along with much more complex movement chains just as wall-jumping and terrain sliding. It is essentially a counter-move for projectile fire, grenades, and a juke at the top of the strafe. Now in UT it doubles as a main staple of the movement system to gain momentum and dodge the many projectile fire weapons(ie Shock combo) that is featured in the game. However in UT, you are not forced to sheathe your weapon and thus lose your ability to make an offensive attack, in a way its more like jousting than evading in that sense. This allows it to be an offensive move, as well as a defensive one giving it the essential two-way balance that is integral to any type of Arena-shooter style encounter. In Halo, as is the MAIN issue with sprint, it is almost purely a defensive move which in turn has the effect of slowing gameplay down, allowing mistakes to go unpunished which ends up feeling "cheap" to the player who worked so hard to get in the perfect killing window in order to kill his enemy before he can escape. This leads to unsatisfying games of cat-and-mouse where the mouse too often wins the encounter based on the poor implementation of these movement mechanics as one-sided, game slowing, defensive mechanics. However, if thrust was made to be more like a "joust-evade" like it is in UT and other titles, along with sprint being either eliminated or fixed in the same way to allow shooting while sprinting, the majority of the balance issues would be eliminated I believe and the essential balance of the "offensive-defensive" dynamic in an Arena shooter would be mostly restored or at least greatly improved.
  2. To be fair, that is the case for alot of "oldschool FPS pros' which I would classify Ogre 2 as. That goes for scenes like CS 1.6,Quake, UT, ect.. there is tons of amazing players that are forgotten today in the modern e-sport landscape that were pioneers for their time, but didn't blow up during the "Twich age" and Youtube age where alot of these newer pros with less prestige have gotten popular from. Even pros who made a name self-promoting through sponsorships and who made their own PC brands like Fatal1ty struggle to attract viewers/followers despite GREAT effort being put into streaming and you-tube. I know, because I was always in his streams when he did Toxikk, UT4 pre-alpha, QC, BF4,ect.. to me he is a legend(and still VERY skilled mechanically either dont tell me hes "washed" when some 15 yr old couldn't out-shoot him, let alone out-think him, in UT or Quake like these newer FPS games. If you dont believe me look up his 70-0 Toxikk game-play or UT4 pre-alpha Duels vs known UT vets) but to others that is not their time period when they were brought into e-sports so they could care less. Its sad, its almost like the entire age of the "Golden era of FPS esports" has slowly died out, and with it the players who were pioneers and big names in that era. The new age of e-sports has not been kind to many oldschool pros, sometimes unfairly, in my opinion. I would like to see what would happen though, if a quality "oldschool" FPS was made that gained popularity if that would change like QC for example. I always thought what made Ogre 2 a good teammate is that he never was a "ME" player like T2 was at times, he never sought the limelight so it never seeked him. Simple as that.
  3. Could be good timing competition wise for Halo 6 on PC if it releases 2019/early 2020.OW will still prob be king but the initial sheen of tournament play will be gone, CS is the walking zombie that takes a shotgun blast or two to its chest but keeps on dredging forward, QC who knows sure there will be a scene but who knows to what level, but what else in terms of a FPS will it be competing with? ect. Those games already have dedicated fan-bases, there really isnt a popular game on PC that would compete for Halo's niche and style of play. Make Halo:Infinite fully modifiable and extend the hand to the PC audience let them know you mean business, do a public beta and get feedback on controls and aiming, include a custom game browser, maybe clans(cuz us PC nerds love clans) and I think it could be top 5 by the end of the year. Make the MP and campaign fully modifiable and allow players to use in-house engine map editing tools to give the game free new content and updates without having to lift a finger. Watch the dedicated, creative, modding scene on Xbox and PC that did the Halo:Online game and Halo PC campaign mods make Halo:Infinite a great game for casual and hardcore players the way Halo was supposed to be but never was allowed to be on a restricted platform controlled by a large conglomerate.
  4. We will, but when sprint, Spartan grapple, "Smart scope"(LOL ADS), and a 5-shot Peashooter is the base game we have come to expect from the "innovation" of new Halo sequels, if Halo:Infinite is like that(which is more likely than not at this point) it might be better for the hardcore community to migrate to PC. Its safe to say at that point, the PC Modz community is taking over and fixing that shit, we dont wait fkn 2 years for a dev to get their head out of their ass imo. Ask any PC playerbase to be "patient and wait", "soon", and boom we gone to the next salvage project no tolerance for that kinda one-sided crap. Not even "original" PC series like UT get that kind of leash, nobody is waiting around for that reclamation project either.
  5. Pfffft...Halo already had a far superior BR survival mode in H2 ranked MM anyway. I remember players with superaim, super-jet-packs, one-hit kill Golden BR's, getting spawned into a "storm" of Vehicles on Turf, super-jumping out the map to hold leads, isnt that what BR games are basically like? Lets see these so called "Battle Royale pros" survive a couple rounds on Backwash TS on 30 FPS barely able to see 10 feet in front of you all to get that elusive crescent moon then get back to me. That shit was actually screenshot worthy(*insert Mummmm..Quick get the camera! meme circa 05' style) nobody cares you won a round on Fortnite n00b! For real tho, a survival large-scale clan war format with teams fighting over terrain, power weapons/power-ups, and "resources" that gave the controlling team strategic advantages would be suppper cool and something I have always wanted to see in a Sandbox game like Halo that can support it. Onslaught 2.0 with a few wrinkles Halo-style basically. But yea... quality classic Halo is the priority first.
  6. Its crazy, pretty soon all the most popular shooters will be RPG hybrids, which I dont really consider shooters, or pub masters fantasy games like Fortnite and PUBG. Meanwhile, oldschool FPS players like me would KILL for a sweaty clan-based FPS where if you go into pubs alone you get train-wrecked by a full clan(or spawn fragged like a piece of cannon fodder if your a noob) like the FPS gods intended it to be. Only pure FPS left with a significant audience is CSGO.
  7. Yes I totally agree. And not enough montages nowadays make use of changing the music tempo up and using the in-game sound effects to really make clips unique and poignant like Hyena does so well in his montages this one being a perfect example Its just like some dub-step with super sped up over-edited game clips and lights flashing every time the player lands an average head-shot. It just makes it so there is no personality or flow to montages like that all the clips blur together and you just feel like your sensories just got assaulted at the end of the video similar to how my stomach feels after I eat a Big Mac. In a game like Halo CE, there is more going on than just head-shots with all the meta-game I would like to see more editors showcase the "story" of the clip not just highlighting the ending.
  8. Ill never forget the golden warthog and super-bouncing on Ascension with sniper
  9. -Hitman 2007 Also Hitman, "We literally took the mechanics from a MILITARY SIMULATOR in Operation:Flashpoint and decided that should be the new norm for the shooter regardless of genre or style" Later on that year..Romero "Fuck this shit I quit, im moving to Ireland and making Daikatana 2 while I work on new DOOM mods aka the greatest game to ever be made peace out". True story.
  10. Development time is not a good indicator of success nor quality of a competitive game, especially a competitive FPS, when the vast majority of the "greatest" competitive games have been made by small teams with a singular focus(hence not under the intense pressure of selling millions of copies of the game foremost to recope the majority of the huge development cost fees) or they were mods of popular games that were built and developed primarily by community members. Dont think 343 is spending 3-4 years on Arena MP imo, you can clearly see with Halo 5 the vast majority of the dev time and resources was not spent on competitive MP and perfecting that singular area just a small chunk in reality.
  11. Removing things like sprint, classic zoom,faster movement speed/strafe wouldn't be too difficult, but yea a full pro mod built for competitive play would take alot longer. There is obviously a strong desire for classic-style Halo, so I have no doubt a mod will be popular on PC. If the XB1 is at the end of its cycle and keeps decreasing in popularity with the PC player-base skyrocketing for shooters like Fortnite and OW, I could envision a scenario where the PC player-base equals if not surpasses the XB1 player-base which is really just the CoD and Fortnite player-base right now. I really hope 343 encourages a healthy modding scene on PC like they kind of do on Xbox, the possibilities are much greater on PC obviously.
  12. Its a glorious day, the masterrace will open their golden gates to the starving, ram-sacked villagers of TB in 2019. Never shall we be forced to sprint, armor lock, 6-shot, or listen to 343's "immersion" logic again on sanctious dedicated modded Halo 6 pro mod servers. Hurrah!
  13. Not much, but it did have a "classic feel" and more of a wide-open non-linear feel as well but well see if that translates to the actual campaign structure. Best news for MP fans it that its on PC baby! Which means more modding capabilities and a competitive "promod" can be fully realized without mechanics like sprint and other gimmicks. Moreso, things like faster kill-times, a higher variation of competitive maps maps, possibly new competitive weapons added(*cough CE pistol cough) and higher base movement speed which means if the base game sucks on Xbox the competitive scene can focus on the PC development for competitive which gives it a higher ceiling as an esport and a competitive FPS nowadays. I for one am very curious and excited to see the potential growth and development of a major Halo installation on PC.
  14. As long as ADS and sprint are in or not able to be toggled, Im out.They dont belong in Halo and your trading aesthetics and "immersion" for trash game-play aka the problem with most modern shooters. Moving and shooting in a shooter should not require a fkn animation and a million button presses to get across a map or shoot you in the face, its not the way a DM shooter is supposed to feel.
  15. Just a PSA Pillars of Eternity II is really good and really deep, yall should buy it if you haven't. Plus who doesn't dream about being a Elf-Pirate-Wizard with a pet parrot and an eye-patch?
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