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  1. I have diamond but i play at on onyx level i make callouts and i have thumbs, know basic textbook halo rules GT:BeLiEvE x Elite
  2. Hey guys I have been playing halo since day 1 but I have never been active in any forms what so ever so I just wanted to say hi and how everyone is doing! Also to tell u about my Competitive team : BeLiEvE Gaming We r just 4 guys who want to get big in the competitive scene U should definitely follow me on twitch and twitter and subscribe to my channel ( BeLiEvE x Elite) If ur not all about competitive our spartan company has a lot of causal players who just love to play the game and have fun. We host custom games during the weekend and play a full warzone lobby sometimes! Young or old u are accepted as long as u promise to grind We also r a small raid clan that helps on a clan called the Nexus regiment we do trainings on Fridays and meetings on Saturdays Well just let me know if u want to join see u later Spartans don't forget to subscribe to my channel and follow me on twitch and twitter
  3. I need scrims 4v4 weekends i want to get better and grind everyday hmu
  4. Hey im looking for a sqaud to play with gfinity and MLG i live in Texas Central time
  5. Have a team/clan/org going for halo 5 competitive and fun at same time (custom games, YouTube videos, warzone, game nights and such) Team name and Spartan company names is... Quantum Gaming members ranging from ages 12 to 17 all very skilled Halo players i am the leader

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