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  1. Cover my guiz! I'm gunna dig this tactical hole. Keep on operatin.
  2. I have arisen! So since I've kept my head in the sand for a while what's everyone's general opinion of halo now?
  3. Sometimes I wonder what it's like to have a basement.
  4. Eh? http://www.halopedia.org/Smart-linking http://www.halopedia.org/KFA-2_x2 It's used in all the games to a degree and mentioned in multiple novels. The "smart scope" term wasn't in use in the lore until H5. In First Strike, Linda-058 removes a snipers scope and links it into her helmet in the climax of the story. Sprint is in the lore, fucking super soldiers can run. The relevancy to lore vs base player traits is debatable.
  5. Reason I bought a motorcycle. Find another passion mate. I'd love to come back to gaming, with the exception of the occasion RPG (ME, Dragon Age, Witcher, etc) I'm done with gaming.
  6. So anything new going on folks? Been a while since I stopped by here. Decided to spend more time outside after I bought my new motorcycle. We still dead?
  7. I feel like I can't aim in this game. Like my horizontal aim is slower then my vertical aim. Maybe I'm crazy, but I rarely loose straight up fights in other halos.
  8. H2A struggles to maintain 60fps on shrine with one screen. While I haven't noticed much in the way of FPS drops in the beta. I doubt 4 player split screen is possible, especially on the larger maps.
  9. I though bright house was a FL cable company. TIL
  10. Here's the reply I had back in Nov. I have no idea how to embed twitter. But here is Gashi's twitter link. https://twitter.com/MLGIlir?original_referer=https%3A%2F%2Ftwitter.com%2Fi%2Fnotifications&tw_i=532817227649929216&tw_p=tweetembed
  11. I have to say, I do like the fact teammates callout enemy positions. Not as nice as having a TO4 with mics, but solo play just got better. Bout the only good thing I can say about this game. Definitely not buying on launch, if at all.
  12. More then likely they're just going to do the same thing they did with H3, (up the rez and graphical tweaks) Then release the game.
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