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  1. That's an optimistic way to rationalize sun downers.
  2. I'm thinking bout putting brads selfies on a T shirt with some of his best opinions. Anyone besides brad interested in one?
  3. this is all im seeing in this thread
  4. no. political thread civil war. dont tread on me
  5. isn't that all any of us are interested in
  6. I'm happy you did, it gave me a morbid giggle.
  7. I just wanna point out that calling him a neo nazi(probably was I dunno I haven't paid attention) and then instead of saying outcry or uproar you used Furor. Cuz ya know. That Hitler guy had a title similarly spelt.
  8. Right. What a vagina. He did kinda bring it on himself tho.
  9. I haven't been able to vote cuz I'm a felon and my vote doesn't count for another 1-4 years depending on the court speeds. Sooooooo I don't vote for nobody ya dingus. We convincingly pretended to go to the moon, and dolphins have done what exactly? I don't think I advocate specifically for animal cruelty but I Fuuuuuckin love meat. But if that's what you think then I want points back because I advocate broccoli too. I also don't explicitly advocate slavery or sweatshop labor but I don't make my clothes from scratch and I also like Nestle products. I'm also a conspiracy nut but I still use a smartphone and have a SS#. Ya take the good with the bad
  10. I believe you really think like that. Its hilarious imagining you terrorizing the people around you with your inane rambling about how animals are people too or how the gubment actively reigns down tyranny in a uniform manner and that its not pure chaos from the choices of the ever fighting "leaders".
  11. Lol like bush(more like cheney tho, doesn't matter who) wasn't fully aware of what was happening. Just like pearl harbor Intel being ignored by Roosevelt to get us into the war. We allowed, possibly, at some level and/or branch of our government to help put it into motion. CIA? NSA? probs not CIA wanna be FBI. NASA(Never a straight answer am I right). IRS.. Probably.
  12. I dunno something something Africa

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