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  1. Shared hallucinations are laregely nonsense. Imagine you were sober and looked at something trippy and note it. Now if you dose with someone and looked at something trippy you would "see" the same thing with the added layer of the drugs effect. In my near 1000 times tripping I've never shared a hallucinations or heard an actual story of shared hallucinations. That said, LSD, shrooms, 2c-e/i/b, 5-MeO-DMT, DMT(obviously the most), salvia(I guess) and PCP definitely led me to believe in the possibility of a "spiritual world" or something of the sort. To experience something so real, sometimes things that feel more real than the things in your everyday life, makes you wonder if this is it. Whether its before this life, parallel, after or wherever relative to us I dunno, but after those experiences it feels like it can't be discounted.
  2. If people want a segregated community I think they should be able to have it if they can set up really specific set of circumstances. Say Compton was totally devoid of the 8 white people who live there, if the community says they'd be more comfortable with not allowing whites. Not that they should turn the fire hose on any white person who finds themselves there, just a warning and an escort. Same with a place like Breckenridge CO. If the dozen or so minorities who do live there didn't anymore. Breck should have the same right. In an ideal world you'd get a wakanda and Sweden lookin situation with nonsegregated areas inbetween for those who aren't totally afraid of people who are different than them. But this is the real world so it'd just be trail of tears 2: electric booglaoo.
  3. Man you really are bottom of the barrel as far as garbage people go. Trolling is trolling but I'm convinced you're not and Just an actual shit human. Honestly feel bad for anyone who has to interact with you.
  4. I didn't bother to read anything but did we talk about Donkey odie?
  5. I dunno what we're talking about I just wanted to remind everyone brad is teh gay.
  6. That's an optimistic way to rationalize sun downers.
  7. I'm thinking bout putting brads selfies on a T shirt with some of his best opinions. Anyone besides brad interested in one?
  8. this is all im seeing in this thread
  9. no. political thread civil war. dont tread on me
  10. isn't that all any of us are interested in
  11. I'm happy you did, it gave me a morbid giggle.
  12. I just wanna point out that calling him a neo nazi(probably was I dunno I haven't paid attention) and then instead of saying outcry or uproar you used Furor. Cuz ya know. That Hitler guy had a title similarly spelt.

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