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  1. It doesn't matter, when a pro says "jump", Bravo seems to say "how high" now.
  2. So Ninja cries to bravo and something changes? Quick someone get Ghost to cry to Quinn about NS
  3. Or just get rid of the stupidness that we have now. Revert to Classic halo style and stop trying to appeal to people that will play the game once and move on to the next flavor of the month Call of Duty.
  4. Yeah, but we'd be better represented on a site like IGN or Gameinformer. As much as i like GoldenBoyFTW, Kotaku is a joke.
  5. and we forget that Kotaku is the Slowest news site with very little real information
  6. Just put it on XBLA. i dont own a windows phone and im not upgrading to windows 8 from 7
  7. Alex is great but this in no way means that Competitive Halo is back.
  8. all the call of duty stuff they added.... but seriously, the Spartan Ops CGI
  9. Can you say... Nostalgia. I loved Halo 3 but the H4 BR is just not a good weapon
  10. Should have been "consistant Rifle" starts. can't really say what i think without being flamed.
  11. you know me. I take the stupidity of what is said and use it sarcastically. :P
  12. But guys... sprint is in all modern games. we need it /s
  13. I am Ragnarok of House Halocouncil and winter is coming.
  14. Im at work, DarkStorm makes good vids, but i cant watch it. can someone summarize it please?
  15. how far have the mighty fallen? this sucks
  16. Make it big and redo all the maps from the original trilogy.
  17. Dude i'm a known Ghost disagree'er. im making fun of his fanboys.

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