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  1. Will pay full price and perhaps a little more, really want to attend and watch. Please let me know if you have 2 tickets you want to get rid of, thank you!
  2. I'm looking for two solid players to run arena with until later this month. I'm attending Lan/tourney in Aimes IOWA and already have the team pass and hotel paid for you would just have to find your own way there. If interested reply on here or send a message to me on xbl. My GT is: Tim iss V I P
  3. Going to a tourney in Aimes IOWA January 29th and 30th. If you're a champ in arena and wanna play let me know the hotel is paid for just gotta find your way. My gt is Tim iss V I P
  4. H5 F/A havent competed since Halo 3, but I have a top 32 finish. And a top 20 finish for H4 in AGL. Gt. Tim iss V I P
  5. If you guys still need one, I would be down! Im from central Illinois so only a couple hours away. Let me know!

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