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  1. No, I was saying it would require a miracle for that to happen
  2. lol no I was just lazy and I forgot the email I used. It would literally take a miracle for 343 to even whisper about nerfing Spartan Charge
  3. So I made an account here in March of 2016 and just now recovered my lost password. I'm so ready to post again, my dudes. I'm just waiting patiently for Spartan Charge to get nerfed.
  4. Just read your posts. I agree completely. I play Warzone 90% of the time and you seem to know exactly what the gamemode needs.
  5. This shoulder charge sounds way too much like Spartan Charge. Although, The Coalition handles their games extremely well. They are even going to Title Update GOW3 before GOW4 releases. Edit: It appears to replace the Mantle Kick and is linked only to cover. Not that bad, actually.
  6. Thanks for inviting me, it was tons of fun. I would love to test more in the future.
  7. I was able to participate in some customs testing out the (possibly) new BTB maps last night. We played with Mangum starts and I think that this alone would fix a lot issues with BTB as it is.
  8. Moa, I added you fam. I would love to get in on some of those Warzone parties.
  9. I thought the vehicles were fine in H4.
  10. I really hope Firefight isn't matchmaking only. I can see 343 pulling that crap on us. If I can't play Firefight solo I will be very sad.
  11. Everyone's complaining about Warzone Farming and I'm just sitting here wondering when Infection will come. :/
  12. How does one look up their reputation/if they've been reported?
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