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  1. Great tournament. So fun watching m2k playing at a high level again, hopefully it lasts. And Mango, he showed up. Looked dominant in neutral.
  2. m2k is the new defender of America lol
  3. Interesting. For 75$ I'm tempted to enter Melee too.
  4. Until the VoDs get uploaded (GimR pls): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBfW37uhRv4
  5. Holy fuck m2k. That's why he'll always be my favorite player to watch. When he's on it's fucking incredible. Glad I stayed up to watch that.
  6. didn't you promise to buy H5 though when MCC was announced
  7. I rarely pull host and rarely see it happen. The average connection is clearly better on MCC than 360, at least for me.
  8. I've seen the odd comment saying MCC H3 netcode is worse than it was on 360... hell no. I went over man cannon on Narrows yesterday and 4'd a guy jumping and gandhi hopping top mid. Never seen anything like that in my life online, I stopped playing for a second. Obviously you still run into god awful connections every handful of games but by and large I think it's clearly better than it used to be. Also the game has been working way better for me the last week. I don't know what was going on for the 3 weeks prior but I can actually play relatively painlessly again.
  9. Dammit why didn't he introduce himself as Tom Taylor (Tom Taylor) aka Tsquared (Tsquared). missed opportunity there Newegg
  10. Well, by all accounts he's a fairly odd guy, so that's not surprising. As I've posted before, he's not really a competitor by nature. Not to say he dislikes competition outright, but it's obvious winning is not what drives him. If it was he would fly to every 64 event, play Pika, and mop the floor with everyone. He seems more interested in learning, understanding, exploring the game... picking up new tricks and experiencing new playstyles from other elite players. Just playing interesting matches in general to push his own play forward to be able to enjoy the game in new ways. If that's what you want, I can see why you'd prefer friendlies with a few great players over tournaments. In a tournament you play less sets, and everyone plays safer. And if that's what you want, I can see why he has little desire to go to NA tournaments these days. Outside of Apex if foreigners attend, any NA tournament would give him just two interesting sets when he plays Superboomfan in WFs and GFs, and he's played him a million times already. On that quote, sounds like more of him being uncomfortable with the spotlight, pressure, etc. He knows that if he goes to a tournament in NA, where he has a cult-like status not just in the 64 community but Smash as a whole, he can't escape the expectations or being judged on his play, even when 5-stocking a guy. So he prefers playing in Peru, or friendlies, where he's just another good player.
  11. Yep, just more direct confirmation that he sees playing the game and competing as two very different things, and that's he's pretty uncomfortable with all the attention he gets (probably why he stopped streaming, sadly).
  12. Some comments from Isai on tournaments/competing in this thread: http://smashboards.com/threads/isai-not-being-at-ssc.413697/
  13. Yeah I was never great with down-b so I didn't mention it, I really didn't/don't make much use of it in my play. I've seen it used really well though... I remember a few months back I ran into Johnny online out of nowhere (sick old school player, like Superboomfan-tier good) and he murdered me with DK's down-b. If you can force a tech situation onto a platform and get it out in time it's really good since it covers every option and gives you a free follow up. Ledge hop u-air is nice for getting back onto the stage though. That and DK's sub-100% ledge attack being the best in the game.
  14. DK used to be my secondary and I would play Cobrevolution online a lot so I've played the matchup a decent amount. Granted it has been a little while, but just off the top of my head... Samus has trouble dealing with attacks coming from above, I would try focusing on staying above her and see if that helps. It should be fairly easy to maintain high ground since Samus is floaty and DK has good jump heights for landing quickly on the platforms. Top platform would be safer than the side ones because she can use screw attack to escape fairly safely. From top platform you could wait for opportunities to fast fall dair if she's below, or pivot shield drop fast fall bair to cover below side platforms. If you whiff on either of those and your opponent is close throw out an up-b immediately. It'll catch her if she tries dash dancing, beat out a grab every time, or clank with a dash dance fsmash. In general when you're low you can space by doing plat drop aerials over and over (throwing out an aerial on the way back up as well). I would bair a lot, mostly because I just wasn't very consistent with up-airs. Up-b is your best bet for edgeguarding, focus on spacing so that DK's fists are making first contact and you're horizontal to Samus, that way you can be sure you won't get caught by a dair from her while she's recovering. Time it with her bombs so that your opponent won't be able to react. Also check training to see if you can find a percentage range for fthrow --> giant punch. This is viable on floaties, usually pretty unexpected and potentially guaranteed with the right percentage. I love using DK vs. Jiggs for this because it's guaranteed at 5-20% (before the grab) on Jiggs as long as you adjust your movement a little bit depending where you are in the range, so all you need is to land any aerial on Jiggs near a side platform and you can get it unless they mash out of the grab, which is tough. Just grab, jump forward, throw, double jump, punch. I know it's guaranteed on Jiggs, and I've hit it on Kirby and Luigi too (the percentage range is really tight on Kirby, can't quite remember what it is right now). I feel like you could probably find at least a small range where it would work on Samus, though it may be escapable by using the invincibility frames of her up-b (so not abusable like vs. Jiggs but still worth looking into).
  15. New CoD looks like trash, again. I don't understand why they insist on trying to remove all predictability from the game. You need that in a shooter. For years I praised Infinity Ward/Treyarch for staying true to the roots of their games as Halo has blown everything up trying to revolutionize the series (but of course still have it Feel Like Halo™). Now Halo is a little bit kinda sort of dialing it back in while CoD is going nuts.
  16. Unfortunately wasn't able to watch much of SmashCon. No surprise Boom won again, he's too good compared to the players that regularly attend tournaments in NA. I'm interested in watching/listening to the hand health & safety panel, apparently it was recorded.
  17. This game fucking hates me. Been trying to join a friend's party for 30 minutes now.
  18. Needed somebody with Moore injured and Findley being a pylon. Sounds like he's on a reasonable salary so I like it as better depth behind Jozy.
  19. I'm in Canada. I quit the build, power cycle the xbox, sacrifice goats to pagan gods - nothing works. They changed something in the past two weeks. It was still buggy as hell but at least I could play it before.
  20. 45 minute search in Team Snipers, finally find a game, red bar. This game is actually unplayable for me the past two weeks. Significantly worse both in terms of search times and reliable connections.
  21. It's being considered because the league is getting push back from players and teams about playing a highly competitive friendly in mid-season. No matter what they might say to the media, players would rather not push themselves in a game that means nothing to them, and teams especially hate risking injury to their star players. In a league with such a low salary cap, a DP or two getting injured can tank your entire season (just look at Seattle since Dempsey and Martins have been out). East vs. West means players can play like it's a testimonial match. They can just have fun with it and nobody would get hurt because nobody would be lunging into tackles and whatnot. Like how NHL players never ever get injured in All-Star games. Facing foreign opposition can be fun and it's a good marketing tool (biggest reason the league may keep the current format) but for example I was really happy to see that TFC kept Giovinco out of the game even though he deserves to be there and I would have loved to see him get recognition from elsewhere in and outside the league. If he had played and gotten a long term injury our season would be in serious jeopardy, and it doesn't help the league either.
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