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  1. 64 is gonna be at Genesis 3. Isai & Mariguas confirmed so far. Also 8 minute stock matches, I'm guessing they will be using gamesharks or flashed cartridges.
  2. Sure, but you said "taking part in" communities, as in being active within them. I don't know how often Frankie lurks around here, but he could have read every single post on this board and it would be still be wrong to say he's active here, or was active on the MLG forums, or what have you. To take part in a community you have to... well, participate. I don't even expect him to post here - honestly, even that he posts as rarely as he does is a little weird. He's a high-level guy that deals with broad, title/series-wide stuff. This community collectively really doesn't care about that much. We care about the tiny details. I just took exception to his last visit here because he got in a spat over some pretty timid comments, then played it off as if the ensuing argument was typical of the reason he doesn't engage with the competitive community, when the truth is he's never really tried to engage with it in a meaningful way in the first place (and again, I don't think that's his place anyways so I don't fault him for it). I and I assume the rest of the community cares much more about having the guys making the actual multiplayer design decisions around, and as I said Josh, Quinn and others have stepped up recently in that regard, so props to them.
  3. I hope I don't get sucked into any of this "drama" with this post, but Frankie has next to no history of participating in the competitive community, and historically that applies to all of Bungie & 343 as well. I posted about this last time Frankie stopped by here. That being said, massive credit to Josh Holmes and other 343 guys, they've been very active on here recently and have been engaging in real discussion about the game. I respect that a lot.
  4. Not sure. But it's been said a few times by players who have went over there that part of the reason they do best of 1 sets is because it makes the tournament run a lot quicker, which gives them time to have big drinking parties after, which are apparently really fun and as much of a draw for local players to the tournies as the competition itself. Not even kidding lol
  5. my b. Sub to Karajan if you wanna see international matches as soon as they're uploaded. I don't know why he didn't. And cool I didn't know the vids were up on Youtube.
  6. Superboomfan beat Jouske in a 12 character battle by 1 stock on Japanese version a couple weeks ago. Boom was on his last stock with Ness and took 7 straight stocks to win. Insane level of play throughout. I noted down some highlights: - 12:00 Jouske gimp with DK, gets another one soon after too - 15:20 Boom reversal gimp - 20:42 Boom clanks a small charge shot with u-tilt then at 21:12 ducks under a full charge shot - 27:10 sick recovery by Boom - 32:40 Boom bair to shine, he gets a number of these - 45:00 Boom recovery + gimp - 56:30 Jouske edgeguard - 1:02:45 Boom saves himself with onstage ledge DI and goes on to win They played another 12cb on international version too, haven't watched it yet. This was played when he, Mariguas and a couple others went to Japan for the Kanto 2015 tournament. Japan has the wonkiest tournament set up ever, they play character-locked best of 1 sets on DL and players draw straws to determine top 8 matchups, or at least they did for this one. All top 8 drew straws which had a letter from A-H, and whoever picked A gets to choose who he plays, then B chooses, and etc. Boom drew G and Moyashi drew H, and nobody wanted to play either of them, so they got matched up in first round of top 8 and Boom lost on last stock last hit. Jouske didn't enter. Top 8 was: 1. wario (Pika) 2. Fukuro (Kirby) 4. Moyashi (Kirby) 4. Mariguas (Pika) 8. SuperBoomFan (Falcon) 8. MEGU (Pika) 8. Bonobono (Yoshi) 8. maha (Pika) Mariguas did insanely well to get top 4. There's video of top 8 here, you need to make an account to watch.
  7. Run off fast fall is pretty easy, just work on the timing or mash (as long as you stop once you land so you don't get stuck in shield). For plat drops you want to input a dash, then tap Z to bring up your shield, which puts you in regular standstill. Your momentum from the dash carries you while you're tapping shield, then press down to drop and down again immediately to fast fall. And again just grind it a bit to get the timing down. Both these techs become second nature pretty quick, just keep practicing.
  8. Smash 64 community, and there's a post on the facebook event page with one of the organizers essentially confirming it in a comment.
  9. Hearing EGLX is delayed until 2016, bummer
  10. Grabs Camo around 50 seconds in and there's no gradual transition, pretty much instantly full camo. Small tradeoff with your Spartan grabbing the thing and pounding it into his chest instead of just picking up the powerup right away but I'll definitely take it. Way better than waiting like a full 5 seconds to be fully camo'd.
  11. Definitely fake reloading with Rockets in H3. I get it at least 50% of the time regardless of how good the connection is. Can't count the amount of times I've died trying to reload them only for someone to jump out and kill me...
  12. Hardcore playlist, down 4-3 on Heretic flag, 5 seconds left in the game as we're running flag through car with no threat from the other team. Flag runner turns the corner towards our base as time winds down... and the game ends. No overtime.
  13. So many upsets this tournament... players getting burnt out from a full singles and doubles bracket in one day?
  14. Tickets are up now and 64's been officially added. I think I probably will go to this... not sure if I'll enter Melee too or not. According to this page Leffen, Hungrybox, M2K, Duck & DizzKidBoogie are confirmed. Also I could have sworn there was a Halo 5 tournament, can't seem to find it anywhere on the site at the moment... Snipedown is gonna be there too though.
  15. who cares about MCC updates when you can #HuntTheTruth #Season2
  16. Having so many events is a good problem IMO. Yeah it's too bad players will miss out on some but it's only good for the scene to have more events popping up. I don't think players (even top tier sponsored players) should be expecting or feeling like they're supposed to attend every event anyways. Shout out to the man
  17. So m2k was streaming Super Mario Maker http://oddshot.tv/shot/mvg-league-20150915194251673 lmao
  18. I don't think this is correct. Metagame evolves as a result of the mechanics of the game at hand. The force of competition will naturally push competitive players towards more and more optimal solutions over time as they search for ways to beat their opponents. You can't separate developments in the meta from the game mechanics that made those developments viable and attractive in the first place. If reliance on teamshooting has increased over the life of the Halo series it's because the games have increasingly presented circumstances that allow for teamshooting to be the dominant strategy.
  19. This sequence won him the game: http://oddshot.tv/shot/vgbootcamp-2015090761748481 It's crazy that all tournament Hungrybox was SDI-ing out of up throw --> uair from Fox with near 100% consistency, then M2K comes along and I'm not sure he even missed one of the half dozen or so that he got. Even with the seemingly simple things you see top tier players separating themselves from the rest of the pack.
  20. I don't really care if they add perks or pseudo-loadout things or whatever into Warzone. That gametype is going to be absolute chaos; if that's what you're shooting for might as well throw a few more things into the pot.
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