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  1. Gotta ask, are you v00d00daddy from the RPB forums? Cavani to PSG is dirty, him and Ibra up front? God damn. Great for Napoli too, I think Cavani is a top 3-5 ST in the world but even he isn't worth 50 million euros. Napoli can re-invest that in 3 or 4 new players. They'll probably get Damiao now. Roma made a decent buy by getting Strootman as well. 20 mil is a bit overpriced but he's a good player with upside still. Wonder if De Rossi might leave now... I hope not.
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    Difference is a significant portion of the Smash community never moved on from Melee when they saw that Brawl sucked. They kept playing it in locals and even bigger tournaments. Even when MLG picked up Brawl people never stopped playing Melee. As soon as MLG moved on from Halo 3 that was it. Everybody moved on despite Reach being god awful. The Halo community has always been too dependent on MLG and now we're in a position where the only thing that can save us is the Halo developers... not a great position to be in.
  3. King of Fighters just ended, Smash just started. Armada vs. Shroomed right now and Armada is looking good. edit: Holy shit Mango
  4. Str8's if I had to pick one, but I really liked Best Man's H3 montage. Chill music and subtle editing, done really nicely IMO.
  5. I've matched with a few pros in H3 MLG. Won with Sypher on my team, lost to Totz, lost to Tsquared & Heinz. First time I ever played pros though was Narrows CTF in a 3v3 against Chig and Legend. We got massacred, I think I got one kill and the game was over in like 2 minutes.
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