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  1. There are some pretty difficult shots in there, but in general I've found snapshots to be ridiculously easy so far.
  2. Random thoughts 2 days in: - FFA needs to be brought down to 6 players. 8 is chaos. - Pistol badly needs to be a 4 shot kill - I get the feeling that I'm not in total control of my shots with the Pistol... Maybe I just need more time, but something feels off to me so far - I just hate the art style and aesthetics of the maps. Everything is so shiny and futuristic, and "busy". Why are there leaves flying across the screen and bugs walking around everywhere on Regret? Plaza is the only map with any personality, and even there it's muted. I hate the direction map design is going. Simple and clean is always better and I wish we could go back to that. - I don't like the grenade physics. Was this changed vs. the beta? I feel like I would remember not liking this in the beta but I can't remember. Frag grenades travel a god damn mile after bouncing. I don't think you can instasplode plasmas either, at least I haven't been able to. - In the beta the Sniper's initial zoom animation was way too slow, and now it's way too fast. It's so fast I'm not sure there even is an animation... you just snap into zoom. It's actually a little jarring and I feel like I need a split second to reorient myself whenever I zoom in, which you obviously don't want to happen. There's a middle ground here that needs to be hit where you zoom in quickly, but smoothly. - On that note, I've gotten some headshots with the Sniper that I absolutely felt I didn't deserve. It's too easy to use. Snapshots are ridiculously easy in particular. Overall I'm pretty ambivalent about the game so far. It's not awful but I'm not dying to play it either. I actually get the feeling that I want to go back to MCC after playing 5 or so games in a session, which worries me.
  3. They're borrowing heavily from FIFA. Just wait for Halo 6 when they introduce an auction block for REQ cards where you can sell and bid on cards. (not saying this is bad, just putting it out there so I can bookmark this post and refer back in 3 years)
  4. Yeah I think I've played some teams games with you, I see you on FU every so often.
  5. https://www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/3q9zte/help_just_started_playing_new_to_xbox_found_an/ it's so beautiful
  6. I'm out of the loop, what's the news on Theater?
  7. I had previously looked at the store page for the deluxe digital edition to see how much it cost, but I didn't buy it. I also checked and I don't have any accounts considered part of my family, so I really have no idea what's going on. I have my doubts I'm actually going to be able to play it when it releases (since it's the digital edition surely it will check the purchase history on my account to see if I have the rights to play it) but I'll report back on launch day I guess.
  8. Okay so I'm confused as fuck... went to uninstall an app on my Xbox One and the Deluxe Digital edition of Halo 5 is apparently installed? I know for a fact I didn't buy it and I double checked my purchase history and sure enough nothing to be found. It says it's taking up 54.8GB on my hard drive. Has anyone heard anything like this at all? My console isn't even in Instant On mode lol
  9. That was easily the best I've ever seen her play, every other time I've played her (while using keyboard) it's been pretty comfortable but my set with her today was actually damn close. I think my puff was rusty today since I've been playing almost exclusively Falcon lately but she has improved a good amount no doubt.
  10. Lost the tourney but I got the gfy http://www.gfycat.com/MagnificentFluffyBlackpanther
  11. I just realized I said up there I got a shield drop rest as Falcon. lmao. Must've been another set. I went Falcon first match vs. Preston then Jiggs for game 2. The Falcon match actually went better. But I just wasn't playing well enough. I've seen some 19XX, I think Battlefield is great but I don't know about any of the others. I hate Metal Cavern and Yoshi's isn't great either IMO (slanted ground is so janky). I'm on the fence for FD. No platforms is rough as hell... DK would be straight ass on it for example. Even Falcon loses some combo ability, while others become even better (Fox for example). What I would really like to see is Pokemon Stadium layout, I know there's a gameshark code out there that removes the top platform on DL, although it's a little glitchy. It should be possible to make it work though.
  12. Haha thanks, but it deserves an asterisk since he was playing DK for the whole set (I went Falcon). I 2 stocked him game one, lost by one or two stocks game 2 on Hyruke (got tent combo'd a bunch) and lost game 3 last stock last hit. I wish I could replay game 3 because I gave him two gimps by going to the ledge. I adjusted and just started running back to center stage when we he grabbed ledge because I was winning neutral a lot but he just got the grab at the end. Oh well. I have to go watch the vid because I think I remember having a nice shield drop rest at some point. I'm glad my set vs. Preston wasn't streamed tho, he 2-0'd me as Mario and I played pretty bad. I have a mental block against him in tourney, we pretty much split games online but he's beaten me in tourney 3 in a row now I think. Still a fun event though, I just did commentary after I got knocked out and that was fun.
  13. I cannot believe what I fucking witnessed at BMO Field tonight. I lost my god damn mind, absolutely fucking lost it. Fucking magic seeing this live.
  14. The fact that Microsoft is putting up $1 million to support the live event competitive scene for their most important first-party game but are themselves limiting the very tool of the game designed to facilitate producing live events has got to be one of the most remarkably stupid things I've ever heard.
  15. Because it was hilarious? And it's a callback to the old school days. HMW and Phil are pretty much the original Melee commentators. You obviously are pretty new to the Smash scene and are missing a lot of context here, people seemed pretty happy with it: 1 , 2
  16. HMW is one of the best commentators out there man. But judging from the time of this post you were watching him and Phil during the "non-esports" commentary block, which was added to the tournament after a crowdfunding goal was met and the whole point was for HMW & Phil to commentate like they did back in the old days (e.g. swearing, constantly cracking jokes, etc.).
  17. yoooooo what the fuck just happened between Abate and S2J http://oddshot.tv/shot/vgbootcamp-2015100417555965
  18. https://twitter.com/TSM_Leffen/status/649382419167072256 He needs a work visa probably. It's likely some issue where the government saw a pattern of him earning money in the States but not paying enough tax for whatever reason (I don't know if TSM is involved with handling his prize money or not) or the fact that he's consistently earning as much as he does means the certification he has now isn't enough.
  19. Wow, Leffen denied entry to the States so he's not attenting TBH5. That really sucks both for him and for the event.
  20. doubles will be a massacre if this happens
  21. There's a gameshark code that makes FD accessible and playable with 2 players now (with proper stocks). So it would be as much an option as Battlefield if you were using gameshark codes. Some people think Battlefield shouldn't be legal because it doesn't have the same ledge DI behaviour as DL. It's hard/impossible to get the same life-saving DI you can get on DL's ledges so characters with bad recoveries would do even worse on Battlefield. I don't buy it and would definitely make Battlefield legal, it has slight differences from DL like the platform heights which would slightly change some matchups. But the main reason it's not legal is it's nowhere close to being a community standard stage, people rarely have the means to play it on console and so it barely gets played, even online. It's rare for matches on DL to go 8 minutes for sure, but it could be possible in some matchups. The first game of Apex 2014 finals between Isai (Jiggs) & Moyashi (Kirby) went 7 minutes.
  22. I'm sure Boom will make it to something this big regardless of crowdfunding. But I would definitely put up like $50 towards flying in say Marka from Peru or a top Japanese player... I would love to see Prince. Best Yoshi main in the world. They're not gonna use Battlefield (or FD), there's no consensus on whether they should be legal and nobody plays on them regularly at all, way too early for that to happen. I'm assuming they have some solution to get the timer up in-game. External timer doesn't really work... if the match is about to time out the players need to know exactly how much time is left because that will change their behavior. You would need someone announcing it to them or something, which is distracting, or then a player might not be able to wear earbuds like they usually would during a match. Or you could have situations where a player gets a hit in right as time expires that would've won them the game, but there's no way to know for sure if he got it in time or not. I would be really disappointed if they were just timing the games manually.
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