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  1. No Leffen at Genesis, damn All right I guess Wizzrobe is getting top 8 then
  2. DK is straight ass on not-Dream Land though, so DL-only probably helps Isai in this case. Maybe I'm drinking the fanboy kool aid but I still think he makes top 8 despite playing DK. If he happens to match up against Wangera that could help him as well, as far as matchups go for DK, Puff is pretty good.
  3. I didn't even really think of that honestly haha. I don't think PP's head is in the right place so I'm not expecting a great performance from him. I think Plup is legit so I'm hoping he does well. I don't know, maybe PPU can sneak in if I had to guess.
  4. Is it too early for predictions? Nahhhhh I ran the 64 bracket (more or less) for Genesis 3 until top 16 and got this: Superboomfan, JaimeHR, LD, Revan, wario, tacos, Banze, Wizzrobe, Kero, Fireblaster, The Z, Mariguas, Wangera, Isai, Dext3r, Kort. I don't know if they're re-seeding for top 16 or if not how the bracket works and I'm too lazy to find out, so my top 8 is ignoring what the bracket would look like. 1. Superboomfan 2. wario 3. Mariguas 4. Wangera (I actually know almost nothing about him but he's Japanese so...) 5. tacos 5. Isai 7. KeroKeroppi 7. Wizzrobe And Melee. Putting little thought into this one lol. 1. Armada 2. Mango 3. Hungrybox 4. Leffen 5. Mew2King 5. Plup 7. Westballz 7. Axe
  5. Much respect to Sundance, Adam and everyone at MLG for what they've built over the years. I hope the brand survives long enough to see at least one more Halo tournament with the MLG name for nostalgia's sake.
  6. I'm not sure if there are any other Japanese, Karajan was handling that stuff. It might just be wario. I think Isai's DK would still beat Kero and probably Wizzrobe. LD stands a better chance because Fox. vs. DK is just dumb. Honestly Isai could finish anywhere from from 3rd to 9th, I don't really know. I just know it's gonna be fun.
  7. I know what you mean, but on the other hand high-level DK play is like seeing Bigfoot. I caught a bit of it and watched the VoDs later. I think Boom's gonna win G3.
  8. He's not gonna win but the gfys are gonna be out of this world. I'm pumped
  9. Yeah, the more I thought about it the more it made sense it was a move to protect Wavedash Games. Nintendo has let PM live for so long and it's hard to think of something that would make them flip so suddenly. There was risk in creating original work with Wavedash but still associating with, and especially continuing to support, a release containing assets and IP they didn't have the rights to distribute.
  10. They're either being muzzled or are muzzling themselves. https://www.reddit.com/r/SSBPM/comments/3v3inm/pmdt_announces_disbandment/cxk1gz3 Obviously something is going on. They've removed everything from the website (no reason to remove download links if this is a personal decision) and the message directs readers to their lawyer. They were either going to face imminent legal issues, or they are separating themselves from PM before they move to Wavedash Games (creating a real studio and original games while still supporting a game they don't have the rights to is probably not a safe move).
  11. They got threatened with legal action. wtf Nintendo
  12. Pretty incredible stuff from Vardy.
  13. https://www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/3u7y31/deadlock_makes_1_player_from_red_team_spawn/ lmao. Whichever community member forged this BTB map missed putting in one initial spawn for red team so the game emergency spawns him on the other side of the map at the start. BTB was totally not a last minute addition tho guys #sustain
  14. Well that was new... 27-24 in a Slayer match and the dedicated server just died and kicked everyone out of the game. Got penalized in rank too lol
  15. Agree on H5 Sniper being super easymode. I've gotten a bunch of headshots I didn't feel I really earned and a handful where I've actually done a double-take and stopped playing for half a second because of how ridiculous it was. Someone posted a clip on here before of them using the sniper in Warzone, half zoom at long distance and getting headshots when literally aiming at like lower chest/leg height.
  16. In terms of overall quality IMO, not necessarily my personal enjoyment of each game. Halo 1: 10 Halo 2: 7 Halo 3: 7 Reach pre-patch: 2 Reach post-patch: 5 Halo 4: 4 Halo 5: 6 (a bit early for this though) As far as I'm concerned default Reach is the worst iteration of Halo ever made. Bungie really drove the franchise off a cliff with that one.
  17. I'm hyped for when Goku is announced. Not even kidding
  18. Kicked in $40 for the player fund which turns out to be $54.56 in Canadian dollars right now
  19. Yeah I think he is. If wario goes I think he probably wins the whole thing. Donation goal for Kort and Banze just reached, sweet.
  20. Genesis 3 is shaping up to be pretty nice. Wizzrobe, Boom, LD, Isai, Kero, JaimeHR, Fireblaster, Mariguas all confirmed from NA. Probably a few Japanese players. And there's a funding page set up to help get some other players to the event: http://funding.onlinessb.com/ I'm gonna kick in a bit to at least get Kort and Banze there. Kort would bring the Link hype:
  21. So am I right in thinking the Plasma Caster is garbo? Just stuck an OS guy with it on a full charge and it didn't even drain his OS...
  22. I got Fathom 5 in a row yesterday. Gotta keep an eye on this to see whether it was just an anomaly or if something is messed up with the rotation.
  23. Yup, same exact impression for me. I'm Onyx in FFA so everyone more or less knows what they're doing; if you try to use a pistol in any 1v1 over short/medium-short range the AR either wins or you get cleaned up easily by the next dude to stroll around the corner, which is always because there's 8 people in the game instead of 6. Look at the post game stats, I've found whoever wins almost always has some some small positive k/d, like +4 or something. Nobody is going on huge sprees outplaying their opponents because every encounter leaves you a sitting duck for the next guy. I've had to tell myself to go against my instincts and always chase or over-extend to get a kill because it's almost always worth the risk.
  24. Pistol needs to be a 4 shot kill. You should have a better chance at winning close range vs. automatics. Right now at close range AR is like 80-20 vs the Pistol, it should be more like 60-40.
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