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  1. For the pistol, pretty much yeah. Nading weapons wasn't intended to the degree that players used it but it was a deliberate design choice that grenades would launch weapons significant distances.
  2. Well, the Digital Foundry reveal claimed that Turn 10 were able to port the latest Forza engine from Xbox One to Scorpio in 2 days and run it locked at 4K60, with 4K models, textures, etc. and without any Scorpio-specific modifications with between 33-30% overhead (66%-70% GPU utilization). Scorpio running the same demo but with the equivalent to PC Ultra settings still had 12% to spare. If that's accurate I have to assume: a) The leap from XB1 to Scorpio in terms of additional effort/time on the part of developers is reasonable, potentially insignificant in some cases. In Forza's case, 2 days to port an engine is obscenely fast. b) Running that Forza stress test at 4K60 Ultra with room to spare is GTX 1070 level performance (in this particular case possibly slightly better - Eurogamer tested Forza Apex 6, which uses the same engine, on PC at the same settings with a 1070 and they saw performance dips during intense weather). Even accounting for the Forza engine probably being the most easily transferable and desirable engine to use from Microsoft's point of view in terms of getting impressive numbers out there, we're very obviously not dealing with RX 480/GTX 1060 performance here. No doubt the hardware implementation of DX12 helps a lot here.
  3. Yeah, you need a smartphone or tablet to use voice chat. That decision is so horribly out of touch with what gamers want (the kind of gamers that play online) and what currently exists, it's hard to wrap my head around it.
  4. Presentation was super underwhelming. The games lineup is simply awful, paid online from Nintendo is a recipe for disaster, and the controllers/accessories are crazy expensive. No pack-in game either (how is 1 2 Switch not included... do they expect people to buy that standalone?). The hardware is pretty good so it will do better than the Wii U. But this thing has serious problems. Breath of the Wild looks like it's gonna be one of the best games of all time though. Everything they've ever shown of it has blown me away. It looks incredible.
  5. I don't know why because I haven't thought about or taken any interest in Halo for months now, but over the past few days I've just been thinking about what a huge disappointment this game was and how I would still be playing it every single day if it was made properly. I was searching past posts on the Halo subreddit and the amount of threads on there saying "guys, we need to ask/pressure/help 343 in fixing MCC" is crazy. Even worse are the posts from the first weeks after launch where everyone says they just can't wait for the game to be fixed so they can play or that "there's no way the game will stay broken forever". Funny in the saddest way possible. Made me remember these two videos which are still hilarious. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zfk_0HUNboE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TdG5wrFR2UA
  6. More or less correct. Even more importantly, you couldn't play Melee online. If you were a competitive Melee player, you either showed up in person at tournaments, or you stopped playing. The Melee community deserves all the praise it gets, but it was also well positioned to survive at a grassroots level. For Halo, with improving online functionality, the relative difficulty of running tournaments for the game, and its competitive scene being largely fueled by a company that was essentially forced to move on to each new (and worse) game for financial reasons, it would have required a superhuman effort on the part of the community to develop a similar grassroots culture.
  7. I had a bad feeling when he went back to Luigi for game 5. Wizzrobe is the king of mid-set adjustments. That first Luigi game you could tell Wizzrobe had never faced such a good Luigi or had much tourney experience against him (can't blame him really on both counts). He was committing himself way too much. If you're rushing in constantly Luigi's gonna look top tier because he can combo the whole cast; it's his neutral that makes him unviable. Game 5 he was extremely careful and deliberate, which is how you have to play against Luigi because it pretty much shuts him down in neutral. The combo contest was awesome, hope to see that at more 64 events.
  8. I'm late but play Luigi because he's dope and he does dope shit Haven't logged in here in a while, Overwatch has been taking up all my time. Haven't touched 64 in like 6 months now. I think I'm done competing, keyboard is just too much of a hassle. Starting from scratch on controller is just exhausting to think about... maybe if Nintendo releases a mini N64 somewhere down the line like they just did with the NES. Anyways, I've still been watching, 64 at SSC is gonna be so legit.
  9. Isai confirmed for Super Smash Con, says he's going tryhard Pika & Kirby vs. non-NA players. Alvin from Peru is also confirmed, potentially some other Peruvians, and at least a couple Japanese players are in the works. So this will likely be the first ever 64 tournament with representation from the 3 strongest regions.
  10. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-rucRVGZcblagIwZtdc5dGeDUmPJFluVDeLDzzShPxI/edit The IP addresses for the servers are outdated but everything else is current. You can just search on the master servers list and the current Smash FU servers should come up.
  11. Anyone else see that Wobbles punched a hole in the drywall? Damn. I had never heard about his anger issues before.
  12. Dumb as bricks, but Molino had an actual handball on his goal just before. Really the game should've just ended 1-1.
  13. they really actually put binary rifles on coliseum lmao
  14. Hungrybox the clear #2 now, pushing for #1 even.
  15. Err... has anyone ever unlocked a certification twice? I just got the SPNKR EM rocket launcher certification again. That was a waste of a pack
  16. Westballz is kinda dumb but that Samus match was the funniest shit ever
  17. Puckett has definitely improved over the years too. Super smooth, no slips ups and still brings that trademark charisma. Feels good to see him doing it with Halo again.
  18. I've never thought this made any sense (from a purely balance/design standpoint). In a utility weapon sandbox, the whole reason for having weapons to pick up on the map is that they fill a specific role. Players take calculated risks in using these weapons. If I have a Hydra out, I know I can approach from the side or behind and quickly dispose of anyone, but if I get caught facing someone straight up, I'm probably toast. If I have a Sniper, I know I'm putting it in my back pocket when I lose track of where enemies might be and I'm expecting mid-range battles. There's no calculation in picking up a BR or a DMR. It's a better Pistol, a straight upgrade. There's no scenario in which you'd rather have a Pistol over one of those rifles. The Pistol is always either as good or worse. So why have BRs and DMRs as pick ups? I would say they're just redundant, but because they're slightly better than the Pistol in general it creates this weird dynamic where some players happened to have picked up one of them and some haven't, actually making it beneficial if a team were able to control the BR/DMR spawns... which is unrealistic for obvious reasons. What's going on now is some kind of borrowing from Quake or similar arena shooters where the first thing a player looks to do off spawn is upgrade his crappy default weapon. That doesn't work so well for Halo since it's not so heavily movement-based or built around the concept of an arms race. As far as the rifles go I actually see merit in keeping the Light Rifle. With the slower shot speed, slow zoom, and increased scoped damage, it actually serves a bit of a niche (long range force against unsuspecting opponents while being worse in teamshooting situations). If it were up to me I would just remove all BRs and DMRs from competitive settings. 4sk Pistol is all that's necessary. There are similar redundancy issues with automatics but I won't get into that now because at this point going over the reasons would just be... well, redundant.
  19. @LimeSoda we should play 19XXTE 0.9 online sometime
  20. Armada is the best to ever do it Good to see the kid back though.
  21. Wario just too solid. Those up b escapes are incredible. At this point I definitely rank Boom as the best non-Japanese player. Isai is still the most talented player IMO but others have clearly caught up and surpassed him as he's stepped away from the game somewhat. Maybe he'll start playing more after this, who knows. Seeing his Fox and Pika was a real treat.
  22. The anticipation is killing me @Frankie. You've gotta be at, what, 500 pages by now? New York Times bestseller list here we come.
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