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  1. It's not cursed, it's 343 being horribly mismanaged. They lack leadership, have no direction... they're a makeshift raft floating down rapids, going wherever the current takes them, and they're about to have hit one too many rocks. The studio should be dissolved after (if?) Infinite is released. I don't think it's salvageable now, even if Bonnie Ross is finally canned. It's mind-blowing to me that she's still in the position she's in with what's happened to Halo under her leadership.
  2. Campaign's always had some kinda janky stuff, whatever they want to toss in there doesn't bother me much. Some of it looked pretty cool and other parts were meh. The open world/map overview aspects are intriguing. Graphics were really hit and miss, the fact the game needs to run on Xbox One is showing. 343's blog today says the grappling hook and Orisa shield thing are going to be map pickups in multiplayer rather than set abilities, which means they can be removed for competitive play, so that's good. Still hate the hit markers, still hate sprint but realistically that war is long lost... Overall I thought it was an ok reveal, it just leaves me thinking that similar to Halo 4 and 5 it's a game I'll grind through the Legendary campaign for the challenge of it, hopefully enjoy it more this time around, and play multiplayer for a bit but lose interest relatively quick. There are so many good multiplayer shooters out these days and I can't stop myself from viewing Halo through a classic lens.
  3. H3 PC flight running pretty damn smooth here, you love to see it.
  4. Well if anyone on PC fixed the problem where the game instantly freezes upon loading the main menu, hit me up. I've tried re-installing graphics drivers and closing every single third-party app I could but I think it's just broken.
  5. Placebo or not I don't really care... Halo 3 is butter on 60hz
  6. dude I'm done. what in the ever loving fuck https://streamable.com/9lqbz
  7. FYI https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/news/mcc-pc-halo-reach
  8. Yeah this is more accurate. If a gun is hitscan, the bullets essentially have infinite speed because they don't really exist. It's in the name: the game scans the path of your aim and applies a hit to the first object in the path. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hitscan Halo 3 has no hitscan weapons (though the laser is a sort of pseudo-hitscan). Even the sniper isn't hitscan, it just has extremely fast projectiles. Most of the time it approximates a hitscan weapon, but if you've ever been on Sandtrap trying to snipe a guy across the map you'll remember at huge distance you have to slightly lead shots with the sniper as well. Hit registration technically has nothing to do with hitscan vs. projectile... but my guess is hitscan would tend to make it easier to achieve solid online hit registration since the calculation to determine hit detection is just simpler. But they aren't in-and-of-themselves related. Overwatch for example has tons of projectile (and hitscan) weapons and the registration is generally fantastic. H3 is just a relic of the days of p2p multiplayer and its hit detection was never great in the first place.
  9. I really feel like a lot of people claiming the hit reg in MCC H3 is a disaster just don't remember what the general experience was like in 360 p2p H3. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely see dropped shots in MCC, but it's definitely not worse than OG. I would say it's a bit better overall (specifically I get way less instances of players eating a million shots as they strongside around corners - the dropped shots I tend to get are face-to-face midrange, but again, still not as bad as OG IMO). What's absolutely not debatable is how much more consistent MCC is. Unless you get placed in a truly garbage server, every game feels pretty much the same. In the 360 days your shot would feel completely different based on the host's connection and you'd have to re-adjust during the first couple minutes of each game. And lord knows I've suffered through enough wonky yellow bar H3 games for one lifetime. MCC 2.0 is pretty consistently solid. The two caveats I'll mention are snipe bloodshots - I swear I'm getting them a lot more often than OG - and OG when you pulled host. I rarely pulled host in 360 days, probably because of my bad upload at the time and being in Canada, but when I did it was basically LAN-lite. Just 4ing everything in sight like I had god's own aimbot. The difference in feel was just insane. MCC doesn't touch that, but obviously I was at a ridiculous advantage when that happened and I doubt it's possible to replicate that for every player with dedicated servers in a game that wasn't designed to work with them. So at the end of the day on the whole I'll gladly take MCC.
  10. I can deal with bad layouts, I can't deal with horrible movement. It's so obnoxious trying to navigate all the stupid structures in the middle, let alone trying to do so while finishing a one-shot guy. At least I can walk around Epitaph without pulling my hair out. I also really hate the bases. There's a poorly forged lip at the top that you can fly off of accidentally if you're not careful which is annoying. But worse is the ramps leading up to the bases are actually too steep to apply good nade pressure (most of the time they'll bounce too high off the ramp to hit a player that's just on the other side) and the bases are the best high ground on the map, so once you have the sniper your best bet is just retreat into your own base and take free shots at the other team. The map would be infinitely better if the bases were low and the middle ground was higher.
  11. Tundra is the worst Halo 3 map I've ever played, please remove it from Composer thank you
  12. I wasn't able to find a match in H3 Hardcore 4v4 for the last two weeks after hitting rank 30. I would leave the search for at least 20 minutes at times with nothing, so I get why they removed it. I'm sure I'm not the only one that couldn't get anything at (relatively) higher ranks. Or maybe I'm stuck in the middle, didn't play enough at first to hit 40+ and match with the highest ranks but too high to match low ranks... Either way I'm glad to hear it's coming back but I hope they do something to help the matchmaking, even if they have to really open up the range of players that can match together. I'd still rather play unbalanced games than no games.
  13. Saturday night and I can't find a match in H3 Hardcore at level 28... there's really not many people playing this game huh
  14. Pretty poor judging by the matchmaking queue times I'm getting...
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