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  1. This is what worries me most about Infinite. Imagine if the aiming is just as broken as H5's was. They can't possibly make that mistake again right?
  2. Kind of seems like the release of Reach on pc split the already small Halo comp playerbase in to two minuscule subgroups - the pc converts and xbox. What is the future platform of comp Halo? PC/Xbox/Crossplay? It can't possibly be split like the way Fortnite is doing it. The population just isn't big enough. Is controller on PC the way we're moving or is it just a fad everyone (certainly streamers) was eager to capitalize on given the recent excitement of Halo on pc?
  3. At least you're able to actually get mm games. I still get "Connection interrupted" every other game. Have since uninstalled MCC considering 343 hasn't respond to the posts on Waypoint bringing up this issue. Can't stand battle royale's anymore either so I play Sudoku on my phone.
  4. Off Topic - but I thought the same thing with the Halo 5 maps, far too much gray and dull/dark colors. It's amazing Halo games in the early 2000's were more aesthetically pleasing than H5 maps (IMO).
  5. This may be a long shot but gonna ask here since no one is responding on waypoint. Sometimes when I start an H3 game the map won't load and I get kicked back to the lobby with a message that says "connection interrupted" leaving my team 3v4 and me banned. I've tried uninstalling, resetting mac address, hard resetting and nothing has fixed it. Has anyone else here experienced this and able to permenantly fix it? Theres a post on waypoint with many others having this same issue but there's been no post with a fix and I haven't seen 343 acknowledge it yet.
  6. Figured I'd join the recent hype and play some MCC. I start up an H3 game, got sent back to the lobby before the map was loaded then got a message saying I'm banned for an hour. Nice.
  7. Just so you know you're not alone, I get that same disconnect frequently. The map loads up about 1/4 of the way then sends me back to the main menu.
  8. I played h2c hardcore and noticed there is no CTF in the playlist, snipers don't spawn on Sanc slayer and spawns are so screwed up that the enemies were spawning at our base on midship while we were planting the bomb. Really bummed to say the least.
  9. Was leaving CTF out of H2c Hardcore intentional or an oversight?
  10. There are times I'll shoot at someone and the fight immediately turns into a 20 second wall/ramp spam battle. I'll just stop mid-fight because it's exhausting and the game feels more like a building game opposed to an FPS at that point. I'm with you, I find engaging/shooting more entertaining than mindlessly building 300 ft in the air.
  11. I think the immense popularity of BR is a fad. You're right in BR games are here to stay but I don't think this level of popularity will persist for multiple reasons.
  12. OT but thought it was cool former Halo pros won the Fortnite Friday tourny yesterday.
  13. Ah, didn't realize a law was involved. Skimming through the twitter exchange beteeen tashi and neighbor made it seem like a 343 decision. Hopefully it works out.
  14. A couple thoughts: First - I just played the Extermination gametype last night in the Elimination playlist and had more fun playing h5 than I have in a long time. Mini-size Narrows is great. How long has this even been in the game? Second - I think at this point in h5s lifecycle it is a poor decision to not allow Neighbor to compete. We're past the point where he has a competitive advantage and from a business standpoint, anything to boost viewership and interest is value add. Don't ovethink this 343.
  15. I think that depends on if Microsoft will still have ~$1m tournaments for H5. If there's enough cash up for grabs, why leave it on the table? Granted that doesn't mean there will be more than 1,000 people watching any H5 tournament in 2018/19 on Twitch...
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