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  1. We must be in different circles because I don't know anyone who has used it. There's certainly plenty of it out there because diabetes lol
  2. My hip issue(s) is likely a genetic or injury issue, unfortunately. I likely have a torn labrum in my right one, and my sister actually has impingement issues that she's getting surgery to fix. Haven't been diagnosed yet, and I am still able to exercise pretty much 100%, but I suspect there's something else at hand.
  3. Yeah. Going back to my Chucks for a low bar session after ~6 months, I realized my ankle flexibility doesn't really hinder my back squat that much. I only use my Oly shoes for front and overhead squats nowadays. My issues are in my hips -_- But - front squats are the tits. Love this core work. Pure rack position is the way to go.
  4. I was doing 3x8 up until today, switched to 4x6+ (last set AMRAP) because I knew it was going to be hard. Few years back when I was pretty strong with it (adding ~90 lbs) I was doing sets of 5, 2-5 sets. I sorta like your way of higher reps on dips - seems like a movement that would benefit from that. It's my compound upper movement on days I do it, so maybe I should do some heavier sets to start and then lower the weight and do higher rep sets. I'll probably try that next time around. Me no have slingshot.
  5. Good stuff, Joseph. I'm working my front squat weights higher and higher, feeling really good about it. I did 2x8x135 Tuesday, and then blasted out 15 for the AMRAP set, with gas left in the tank. Today went 2x6x160, then 10 reps on AMRAP. I'm feeling much better about my core than I was two weeks ago. Also really enjoying doing weighted dips again. Something about them is just fun.
  6. I don't really get the "following people on IG" habit some people have, be it sexy girls or powerlifters or celebrities, etc. Especially those that are basically soft-core porn. Guess I'm weird, just doesn't interest me. Then again, I don't have an IG, so what do I know...
  7. Yeah, it's hard and certainly something you need to work at. I think just holding weight overhead is the first step. Then being able to deep squat, then deep squat with PVC pipe, then barbell, etc. I went up to 65lbs (for a set of 5 with a brief pause) and had to bump back down to the bar. Shits hard, yo. But, I like em. That and training front squats as a main. I'm gonna do all the core training. Fuck this weak ab BS.
  8. Overhead pause squats are the GOAT mobility and core stability exercise. Fite me
  9. Last time I did leg press, it flared up my sciatic nerve. I could barely ride my bike home after that.
  10. I've done front squat holds of around 300 lbs (load it up, unrack, hold for 30s). They're fun lol. But for real, I think I'm gonna train front squats as my main squat movement. My core, abs in particular, is pathetically weak. I can barely do 3 proper deadbugs, which is ridiculous. I think it's one of the reasons I've been having sciatic issues. I'll get enough posterior work from deads. Also want to train weighed chins as a main as well. And dips. Just want to get back lifting heavy again lol. The itch is back.
  11. Good lord that might've been the worst workout I've ever had.
  12. My official guess is under. I've eaten a lot, but I've averaged over 10 miles a day walking this trip. I'm so ready to squat on Tuesday. Give me all the doms
  13. Gonna weigh myself morning after I get back to the States (Tuesday). I was around 185 when I left two months ago. Anyone want in on the over/under? I thought I might gain, but I may be under...
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