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  1. @@Moa how long is the wait list for the TB Spartan Company? I know I don't post here often but hopefully I can get in eventually. I want those exclusive armor pieces.
  2. Those will take FOREVER. Is the TB Spartan Company active? I'm not in an active company and would like to be in one.
  3. Has anyone found the new Spartan Company commendations? I can't find them anywhere on Waypoint.
  4. I'm confused, all I see is a code for a bayoneted AR. The site is in German so I can't figure out where to get the emblem.
  5. GT: Enz0wn (0 is a zero) Matchmaking NA Please message me saying you are from TB before you send an invite/add me. I will not respond otherwise!
  6. Chig just said on stream that the pros aren't getting their copies until tomorrow. Wonder who all will actually be streaming today then if not the pros.
  7. This was the case for me as well. Had a menu come up, but no version number anywhere.
  8. I'm so tired of losing because I play by myself. Party restrictions are a must for this game, and I don't know why they still aren't implemented. If anyone would like to play H2, H3, or whatever else, feel free to add me. Looking forward to meeting some TB people.
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