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  1. Does anyone remember the old reach 2v2 flag warmup map that was basically just a box with dmr snipes? Been trying to find it to download but havent had any luck
  2. Was this ever in question. I can tolerate sprint. I legit won't even touch playing og reach anymore because of how awful bloom is and even TU bloom makes me want to claw my eyes out at times.
  3. Plus movement speed in quake is insane. You can easily move across the map in a matter of seconds. So having a powerup like quad for an extended duration is even more impactful since you can chase down people MUCH easier. And to the point about rockets or snipes. Rockets spawn with 4 shots total. You get 4 kills generally. Quad you can blow everything you have with it till its timer runs out. And snipes requires a headshot to kill with, which despite what some of you act like, is not a guarantee to happen. Honestly anyone that is trying to say that rockets or snipes in halo are anywhere near the power level of quad damage in quake have obviously never touched quake.
  4. Quad is easily stronger than any power weapon in halo. One rail shot will kill anyone unless you have a full stack (essentially having custom in h3 for comparison) You SHRED people with the LG and rockets will end up 1 shorting people pretty easily as well
  5. So control quad like you control the other items. Isn't rocket science. Power weapons exist to create an objective that players have to fight over. If you are letting them consistently get quad you aren't playing the game well.
  6. Yeah. Quad damage is way stronger than any power item in halo.
  7. The thing is, in most ranges you actually fight people at on the arena maps in Reach you can spam and are more likely to win the fight than if you pace. This is true even at 85% (even more so since the bloom is less punishing) If you dislike normal bloom wanting to keep it in any form is backwards thinking
  8. Changing the fov to even like 90 increases how much you have to render on the screen at any given time by just over 25%. Saying it has minimal impact on performance is silly especially when you have no idea if that would be difference between a stable 60 or not.
  9. In terms of the reach vs 4 debate. Bloom is a terrible mechanic and much worse than anything in halo 4 BUT the fucking ordnance drop and perks in 4 made it not even feel like I was playing halo but some shitty cod rip off. At least with reach I still felt like I was playing halo on base settings
  10. Why do you assume it will only be people buying it that played the games on xbox? A ton of people didn't have an xbox to play the newer games and want to. There is clear interest in the games.
  11. I should have clarified better but I was talking about the hundred of thousands of players that were playing h3 over a year after release. It isn't a bad thing but the point is that to act like halo will die on pc without a mod scene when the most popular games on pc don't have a mod scene kind of proves you wrong and you just aren't realizing it.
  12. No reason to think if someone isn't a die hard fan they will quit the game after a month. Thousands of players played halo games for months after launch without being a die-hard fan Because PC is a massive new audience of players that clearly are excited to play the game. The amount of hype from the announcement of the game shows this. Because those games aren't popular because of a mod. They were just made possible from a mode. They were popular because they were good games.
  13. On pc? Also why do they have the be die-hard halo fans to play the game? Also to your point about not innovating. Games like csgo LOL PUBG really didn't innovate on their previous iterations and are still MASSIVELY successful so the idea that if the game doesn't innovate it is going to die is just strictly false. And while yes games like Dota or CS are originally mods the games that they are entirely new games (that don't really have a mod scene for them at all) and are probably the 2 most popular games 5 games in the world. Using them as an example of why mods are important doesn't work because they are mods of HL2 and Warcraft, games which both dota and CS eclipsed in popularity decades ago.
  14. The announcement was when they said it was reach first and other games to follow. And it isn't "Halo Reach on PC, with no Forge mode, mod tools, or servers" since all that stuff is being added along with all future games so I don't really see your point. If one of those truly is a deal breaker for someone they are coming in the future. Also what do you mean no servers? They have already said it is going to have dedicated servers for it just like on xbox
  15. Just the announcement of Halo to PC was the number 1 post on reddit, was trending on both youtube and twitter, and was higher than any of the Cyberpunk threads on /r/games. How can you possibly say that people don't care about it coming to PC? Acting like no forge or theater is going to kill the game also is just a joke. They will be added later which will bring people in that do care but the vast majority of players just want to play the damn game that they haven't been able to play. For some context from a quick google search the number of xbox one consoles sold was estimated at 39 million compared to 125 million steam players. People tend to care a lot more about a game they can actually play and with Halo coming to PC a shit ton more players are going to be able to play it again.

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