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  1. To be fair the H5 beta was almost a year before launch. The infinite ones are much closer. They aren't quite the "beta" that is really a demo stage but much less time to make core gameplay changes when game is out in little over a month.
  2. Is there actually input based matchmaking now? I thought they added it but I only ever get matched with controller players in any ranked playlist
  3. I don't think it makes a ton of sense to NOT bring h5 officially to PC with Infinite releasing on PC. Having it be the only one not on PC when it already has a semi working port available seems very strange. Especially with the delay of Infinite I could easily see them try and use H5 as a stopgap in between. Makes too much sense not to happen IMO
  4. What is the benefit to playing on PC? I normally play stuff on PC but for H5 specifically I have had nothing but issues but even for people that it runs normally on it is still capped at 60 fps. I don't see what is better about it on PC other than just its PC
  5. The game has massive performance issue for me at least. Get FPS drops from 60 to the 40s despite my hardware being way above what is needed to run it.
  6. I mean that is just because they don't have a release date anymore but they need to put something saying it isn't out yet. Just a disclaimer that it will be releasing later essentially.
  7. Wasn't CE also designed not with competitive play in mind? I remember reading that bungie was just making the multiplayer as a mode to fuck around with friends with. The fact that it turned out as well as it did also seemed to be more luck than anything to me.
  8. To add to the PC discussion. Once you have bit the bullet and built your first PC it is much easier to make modular upgrades to it over time to keep it relevant.
  9. I'm not in the flight to try them personally but they should 100% be tested imo. I've heard the autoaim is pretty generous on them but outside of that seems like the perfect utility weapon especially compared to the RNG fest of the h3 BR
  10. Cyber monday seems like a very strange day to launch a console. Maybe the site just has Nov 30th in as a placeholder because its releasing in Nov but that is all they know atm (from monsters perspective)
  11. I know but someone here said they made them but I don't want to go looking for it.
  12. Who was it that made the halo infinite settings inside h5?
  13. Isn't eco also already on a team with snipedown renegade and stellur for infinite?
  14. They specify series x so people don't think their launch xbox ones will run the game at 120 fps
  15. It just means you won't be buying a box or pack without knowing what is inside. Instead you will either buy items or directly or buy a battle pass where again there is no rng on if you get the item you want or not.
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