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  1. I know but someone here said they made them but I don't want to go looking for it.
  2. Who was it that made the halo infinite settings inside h5?
  3. Isn't eco also already on a team with snipedown renegade and stellur for infinite?
  4. They specify series x so people don't think their launch xbox ones will run the game at 120 fps
  5. It just means you won't be buying a box or pack without knowing what is inside. Instead you will either buy items or directly or buy a battle pass where again there is no rng on if you get the item you want or not.
  6. There are going to be mircotransactions just not lootboxes. As long as they are able to retain players they will make a ton.
  7. Could also mean battle pass system. Can't buy just the item at the end of the battle pass but you know what your money is getting you at all times which is obviously massively better than the alternative.
  8. I don't understand the big concern for the grappling hook. 343 said the day it was shown that it would be an equipment item in multiplayer. Not everyone will have it and if it is bad it can easily be removed from the sandbox without any issue. Don't see what the big fuss is about given that.
  9. I think you can make an argument for starcraft and maybe even dota as well.
  10. To avoid pissing off casual players that say things like "its dumb the super soldier can't sprint" Also with the campagin being open world and supposidely much bigger in scope and the reveal showed an upgrade tab maybe you increase the move speed of sprint through upgrades but it is always the base move speed in multiplayer Image from reveal showing upgrade tab on world map
  11. Where did you see months later? The game is coming likely in early November with the xbox series x. That is 4 months total till the game is out. Have to imagine we see SOMETHING about the multiplayer sooner rather than later.
  12. I'm going 60 also. They are going to do the whole demo stuff showing how pretty it looks and everything. The real gameplay won't get going for at least a minute.
  13. I think it's a little late for any flights that would have any say on gameplay decisions. Game is coming out in roughly 4 months assuming the new Xbox doesn't get delayed. Any large game mechanics being changed would require a ton of other changes after it that would probably be too much work for the remaining time frame before launch.

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