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  1. There's nobody to directly reply to but; how do we get people to CARE about halo? Is it showing the skill it takes to play that's > COD? Making people like players through social content like Optic? Or is it just throwing it in front of people's faces with the help of someone like 343 or MLG? Personally, after MLG changed the format of their site, I never used it again. It used to be the hub for content that people cared about. Now, I come here, twitch, or to reddit for stuff. I don't see halo gaining any traction without 343 or MLG being involved with a social channel to gain viewership. As people have said, Halo died after H3. It's going to take more than just kids creating content to get that limelight back.
  2. If you watched his stream + gameplay you can 100% tell he's the brains behind these new players though. The very first day I watched him figure out fast fall.
  3. It's easy nowadays, it was hard when OV on Ivory was 1:23 or Camo being 1:12. Bungie was full of trolls.
  4. I'm not arguing that at all. They look pretty even if you just look at the ratios between K/D/A but commonly seems slightly better, regardless of games played. That could be from Lxthul playing with 2 of the best slayers in the game.
  5. It could go either way. I guess you could argue that more games = lower average or the opposite. From my xp with Halotracker (of my own stats) the more games you play the higher it goes up over time. But that depends on play-style and team I guess. Playing with Roy and Snipedown would definitely lower your average though.
  6. Thanks for this. Interesting to see that Commonly has better stats than Lxthul with 100 less games.
  7. He got the boot from Liquid. I don't remember if there were any big changes besides that, Allegiance at the start maybe?
  8. That's a pretty standard opinion. Royal 2 whines even when they win.
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