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  1. Noob question what does MCM mean and could you also explain the part about them being under MLG sorry i don't understand
  2. New Optic video about moving into the new house and player vlogs skip to the 9:45 mark and Hecz is encouraging Mboze to pick up Maniac for is COD team Also Flamesword doesn't seem to know about tournament dates yet really wish 343 would release this stuff already.
  3. Whats Unlegit's playing style never seen him play Halo pros have a long history with teaming with the same ppl even if there are better options available
  4. I kind of disagree with "luck plays too much of a large factor" The player who just won blizcon has both the highest seasonal win % and the most rank 1 finishes in Legend He plays 2 of the hardest decks in the game and wins you cant do that based on luck alone when you consider that there is around 5000 players that hit legend monthly on the EU ladder
  5. Its a card game based on the world of warcraft you pick a class build a deck and try to beat your opponent It has alot of RNG but there is a huge skill gap between the top pros and people who make it to rank legend Funny you mention poker Lifecoach possibly the best player at the game is a retired poker player
  6. Say what yu will but the scene is taken more seriously then Halo 7 pros have made over 100k this year There has been 3mill in prizing since 2014 Every major organization has a team The top streamers pull 10-30k viewers
  7. I don't see that happening Neighbor might be great at the game but that doesn't mean much he was considered the best player joining Instinct in 2009 and that didn't work out. I don't think Roy likes teaming with him and they are better off with Lethul anyways. CLG could drop cloud and I could see APG's team droping Mikiwin for him The most likly scenario would be him teaming with Hysteria and Bestman and forming a TD squad. Hes the kind of player that only works with certain types of teams/players
  8. Anyone play or watch Competitive Hearthstone? Ostkaka just won Blizzcon. I swear Swedes have some of the best gaming genes
  9. He has been the same player since h3 and Reach and been consistent in both games There are far more talented players who can't say they have done the same I think a lot of ppl hate on him cuzz his skill, but he knows his role and has experience
  10. The game has 30mill plus players and its Blizzcon should be pulling more IMO regardless i'm enjoying the stream
  11. Flamesword may not be the best or flashiest player, his strength was always in his communication and leadership If he can find solid teammates with chemistry i think they can place well in h5 if they learn the game. Aries was a good fit for them on H2A and I hope he joins them again really messed up how he got dropped tho I doubt Hecz would kick Maniac out of the house if he competes in cod or finds another Halo team,Optic fans love him and hes helping to build the brand Hecz realizes this too. You watch his channel so I know you see all the support he gets. Mboze was dropped from Optic Nation at the start of AW and competed under Prophecy until mid summer but was still allowed to live at the house and maintain the optic brand. Btw those Halo pros who did compete only did for COD Champs i'm positive if Snipedown would have played the full year like Formal and Enable he would be just as good as them
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