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  1. Alright dude sounds good we are always down to scrim just hit us up.
  2. Hey man my To3 is still trying to find a 4th and can play some with you to see if we work. We are from the US which might be a problem but if this is not an issue, we normally get on at 6 - 7 CST and play every night about. My GT is Stormtrooper AP just send me a msg on xbl if interested.
  3. Hey man my To3 and I are still looking for a f/a. We can run games tonight around 7Cst. We've been playing together for a while. If you want to check us out gts are: Stormtrooper AP, NT GOD OF WAR, WO1 Emile S239. Feel free to msg me if you want to play we are always on if you can't tonight or before you leave.
  4. Hey all, My name is Adam and I live in WI. I've been playing Halo since CE and playing competitively since H3. I did online tournaments for H3 but never made events since I was still in High School at the time and couldn't afford it. I'm looking for some like minded, competitive, and dedicated players to team up with who want to do online tournaments, grind team arena playlist, and potentially HCS down the road in December if we get a solid To4 and if everyone can travel (I'm able to now). Currently I have an Onyx in all H5 playlists except Slayer and Breakout (both diamond) but have been having trouble finding ppl on xbl and was directed here by someone on MM. I'm on just about every night for a big chunk of time around 5 pm (done with school) until midnight/ 1 am central time. I'm looking preferably a To3 since its just me but if any To2s or other FAs are interested just HMU on xbl and we can try to build a squad. I am a very competitive and driven player but I can only get so far by myself, after all it is Halo not COD. GT : Stormtrooper AP
  5. I'm 1 looking for 3 so HMU and we can see if I'm a good fit with you guys. I'm looking to do as much as possible with H5. GT: Stormtrooper AP. I'm on every week night except Mondays from 5 central to whenever.
  6. All of these are great points. Hopefully after launch they will realize the error of their ways and fix it but one can only hope. The lack of social outside of just Warzone and Weekend playlists is crazy. Again what if you have friends who aren't as good but you still like to play with them?
  7. My GT is Stormtrooper AP and I have been playing Halo since 2003. I have never competed at any events but did some game battles back in H3 on 360. I might be interested in doing some events in H5, but for now I am looking for some people to play competitively with online to see how good we can get. Until H5 launches I'm going to be running H3 hardcore on MCC but will be switching to H5 after launch. Hit me up if your interested on xbl and just send me a msg. I am on almost every night during the week.
  8. I am also looking for some ppl to play competitively with. GT: Stormtrooper AP. Most likely going to be playing H5 but definitely playing some MCC Hardcore until H5 hits shelves. Add me and send me a msg if you are down to play.
  9. Gamertag: Stormtrooper AP Custom/MM: Customs and H3 Hardcore Region: Midwest US
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