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  1. We'd like to keep it to Just Halo 4 clips so we can download it via fileshare and capture it for video editing, also another note, please don't submit any clips that Teambeyond.net features in their own Top 5 plays, however plays that didn't make it on there are eligible for submission.
  2. Firstly, to introduce myself, I've been playing Halo since Halo 2 and quit when Halo 4 dropped because of the lack of competition in the community. 343i has given it new light in the recent months and theres been a lot of effort to rebuild and expand the competitive halo community. I recently started playing Halo again and I actually enjoy the gameplay again. My friend and I are looking for Top 10 clips of Halo and League of Legends to start our channel. Again, it is a new channel and there are plenty Youtube channels that do this, but we want to give it a shot. If you have any clips you'd like to submit shoot me an email @ [email protected] or hit me up on xbox @ GT: Dark Restraint. Thank you to everyone who contributes, we really need a community to help us out.
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