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  1. half this thread is OT lol. Thank you for a legit response!
  2. Anyone know what my down/up should be to hold an 8 person "LAN"?
  3. Excited af for the next meet up! Floppie had the most ridiculous overkill!!
  4. yes this happening now! MOA at the microsoft store, everyone is welcome
  5. I'm going to have to disagree respectively. Danoxide hasn't been on a team that suits him, and I feel like he's a more individually consistent player than flame. I absolutely believe that he would be the best pickup for optic, save if optic stole a player from CLG/EG, etc...
  6. we'll probably never know but Gilbert Arenas allegedly gave neighbor 15k to join FB which started the 08' shit storm.
  7. you coming up for these pro league lans bro?
  8. OMGosh this. Won't happen, CLG scrim performances are unparalleled. The shit storm that would follow, I'd be ok with=]
  9. SnakeBite is the most humble pro. More humble than Roy, Roy seems to take the spotlight on this subject.
  10. The first Lan will be held at the microsoft store at MOA May 1st. from what ive been told
  11. OG is a wild card for me right now. If they cut the drama, and start having fun, you will see them place top 3
  12. CS has stayed basically the same for a decade, not to mention the same maps have been in rotation. if its not broken dont fix it..
  13. halo 5 2v2 tourney in Mineapolis this Saturday Nov 7th at 5pm. http://elitetournamentclub.com/blog/3573700/HALO-5-Tournament/1264883
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