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  1. I wonder if anyone has made a sword base remake in forge. Would be great fun to play that again
  2. They unlock when the Soon™ period has ended.
  3. GG is right. last time I saw that was actually in the Beta when my friend got placed Onyx and I got silver when we were both relatively similar in skill. I guess it came down to wins and losses though, my team mates were literally 3-20 material. Not sure why it would make you gold with 7 wins. That's odd.
  4. All we need now is the special edition gold REQ pack bundle dedicated to pack opening videos.
  5. Is the sniper hard/awkward for anyone else? I just can't get anything going with it.
  6. This is why my maps will suck even more than they did in previous games.
  7. An undo button in forge would be helpful. I've deleted my bases so many times because I'm dumb.
  8. Hate when that happens. Especially if you're playing warzone and you can't buy weapons.
  9. This is what happens when things get old :c
  10. I was excited for the Mark V. It looks so distorted from the other version(s).
  11. That's almost as dank as the bushes on plaza.
  12. 34k more REQ points to go until I can get the Limited edition REQ. Gonna be a long night.
  13. How is it possible that the attacking team in warzone assault can capture the armory before the spire? Is this a glitch or is it a legit thing.
  14. What time does the special REQ pack end on december 6th?
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